Thursday, March 16, 2023

10mm Pistoliers for Warhammer Fantasy

Okay, this post number three to my ever-expanding Empire army. Today we have a regiment of Pistoliers trotting into line as reinforcements. 

These guys are basically the Warhammer equivalent of Renaissance 'Reiters'. Historially these chaps would use their heavy pistols to roll up and attempt to break up enemy formations, softening them up for the charge. Usually they would be in fairly tight, regimented formations called a 'caracole,' but these fellows are in a more flexible, skirmish formation. 

Again, I put in a clump of trees for a bit of fun (and it saves me from filling the base with figures). 

Aaand a gratuitous, as-it-stands-now, group shot of the force.

Thanks for popping in for a look. Maybe see you tomorrow with another reinforcement for the Empire!

- Curt