Thursday, December 8, 2011

Painting Challenge has met the Cut

Wow! What a wonderful response! I'm very pleased with the level of interest that this year's Painting Challenge has generated. We have many of the regular 'Old Salts' pitching in plus some new people whom I'm delighted to have join us. Nonetheless, we have now hit my target of twenty 'Challengers' (actually a bit more) and I'm thinking this will be more than enough for me to manage! To those who missed getting aboard this year I apologize but I'm sure we'll be doing it again in the future.

All of those who have agreed to be part of this silliness will have now received a note from me which has an update on the scoring, reiterates the rules (such as they are) and generally gets us all acquainted. For those of you who will be following the progress of the Challenge I will be posting all entries onto this main page as they are submitted, but it is my plan to make-up another linked page that will serve as a gallery for all the entries. In addition, the right-hand sidebar will have an updated tally-sheet of the standings (you can see the list of 'Challengers' there currently). So remember to visit often, encourage the lads and enjoy the show!