Saturday, March 8, 2014

From FranL: 28mm Zombies for 'Zombicide' (120 points)

From Francis:
More 28mm plastic Zombicide zombie shenanigans with this box set of 24 infected specimens with what they say are three unique sculpts, I especially like the big momma fatties as they're called.
They say that you need more zombies to make the game better or just a sneaky marketing ploy?

Well there you have it...plastic zombie madness from Walk of the Dead Set 2.
Sneaky marketing aside these look great Fran. In addition to the Big Momma what are the other two unique sculpts to this box? I like the two that are dashing as I've always found 'fast' zombies to be particularly scary. 

These two dozen undead will give Fran 120 points. Great work and I hope we get to read a battle report on this game from you soon.

From RobP: 28mm Revolutionary War Austrian Grenzers (70 points)

From Rob: 
Here is a new entry for the Challenge. A 14-piece unit of Revolutionary Wars Austrian Grenzer. A colourful bunch to paint. I have chosen to paint them in the early uniform colours, still wearing their white coats. 
These excellent skirmishers/marksmen will prove to be big trouble for MikeF´s early French that he is  painting up and of which we hopefully will see more of in the near future... 
Our group's team effort to get into the Revolutionary Wars is getting shape with JaccoK also painting up Austrians and MikeF and another member taking care of the French.. 
This unit will provide the light troops in my Austrian Brigade... Now I can get started on my next line  battalion. The figures shown are form Eureka Minis and they certainly are excellent in sculpting and are a joy to paint. They match perfectly with Perry minis and also with my other (Trent) Austrians. 
This entry will bring me over my initial goal of 500 points and takes the pressure of painting against a deadline and I can spend the last week on some fun stuff on the painting table. Or try to improve my photographic qualities since for some reason I do not manage to get good clear pictures anymore.... 
Ah, but friendly deadlines can be good Rob - look at all the marvellous work you've managed to finish during the past three months. Your excellent Chasseurs a Pied, the Sudanese Bazingers, AWI Minutemen, your Nuns and lets not forget the most excellent Rubber Duck - all of these during the Challenge. Wonderful stuff. Nonetheless, now that your deck is clear, I look forward to seeing what you come up during our last few days of the Challenge.

These fine Austrian Grenzers will give Rob 70 points. Congratulations on reaching your target and emerging victorious in your side duel with the other lads from the DWD*

(*The Dutch Waterbicycle Detachment)

From DaveD: 28mm Cowboys - The Willey Mob (15 points)

From Dave:
A little distraction away from the Sudan. I met with fellow challenger Ian a few weekends ago in Nottingham for a bit of future Blog-Con event planning and as I seem to have started him and his kids down the road of Old West Gaming using my "Blazing Dice" rules I thought (Recently offloaded the "spare" Old West lead pile to him) I would take along a present to ease his painting burden! 

Here we have The Willey Mob ready to defend the ranch . These are 28mm Great Escape Games, Dead Mans Hand figures. Ian has said the kids are already bagging any of the unpainted  lead pile with shotguns and pushing them up his painting queue - well I found two with shotguns to help him out.

A wonderful bunch of miscreants and a great gesture Dave. I particularly like the elder Willey with is grey whiskers and natty tan jacket.

These wild Willeys will give Dave 15 points. Nice!

From ClintB: 15mm WWII US Halftracks (35 points)

From Clint:
Just finished 5 US halftracks by the Plastic soldier company. These are 15mm scale and for my US PBI collection. They come in 5 sprues to a box and require assembly. I found they went together very easily but were a little fiddly to my fingers but not to fiddly to stop me getting more if I need them.  
They do come with a few optional pieces such as stowage different bumpers, machinegun mounts and crew. I could have put up 8 figures in each halftrack but instead elected to just do the drivers, co-driver and another figure to operate the .50. Most of the other crew are for sitting on the benches as opposed to action poses. 

As I see these more in a battle taxi role I did not want to clutter them with loads of extra figures, although if I get another box that might well become my best option. I have kept the bases very simple so they fit in with the rest of my force and besides when I look at a grassy field it does not have too many clumps about. It may be very different where you live but in the South of England, tend to be cultivated and with quite an even grass length (maybe not at the edges or on scrub land but generally).
These have been prepped for day 1 of the challenge and I kept putting off doing them mostly because I get side-tracked very easily. But In the end I wanted to get them done before the challenge ended and as we are now running out of time I did have to force myself to get them done as I had a new parcel of goodies arrive yesterday and I am eager to start them. 
Nice work Clint. These M3s certainly seem to be in the midst of cruising through a 'Green and Pleasant Land'. The more I see of the PSC range the more I like them. These models look to be very crisp, with nice sharp lines and clean interior detail (and the stowage always a welcome touch). I also like how you did the weathering and mud around the wheels and tracks. 

These five halftracks will give Clint 35 points. Great job!