Thursday, March 1, 2012

From FranL: 15mm Modern 'Contractors', T-55s, Hazmat Team, Unimogs, etc. (245 points)

Fran sends in another mix of very interesting figures that would not look too out of place in recent newscasts.

First up is twenty-two figures of contractor security from Rebel Miniatures along with Peter Pig Toyotas and crew.

Eight Peter Pig of militia and civilian casualties (Just a little taken in at the waist, eh? Ouch!)

Three Peter Pig T-55s

Three Peter Pig Unimog trucks and a knocked-out T-55 (which I really like).

Hazmat team from Khurasan

And finally three Land Rovers with crew plus the ubiquitous Mercedes.

This potpourri of miniatures will give Fran 245 points. Nicely done, Mr. Angry!

From JuanM: 28mm 16th Century Peasant, Warrior, French & Indian Wars Colonial Militia, 19th Century Mahdist Cavalry (45 points)

Juan sends us this wonderfully painted mix composed of a 16th century pikeman, a female shrew, a Roger's Ranger and a group of Mahdist tribal cavalry.

From Juan:
Here is the first half of the Cavalry complement for my Mahdist Rub. They are 28mm models from Perry Miniatures. I´m building a Rub for the "Black Powder" Rulebook with a Big size unit of Infantry (24 models), an Small size unit of Fusiliers (8 models) and an Small size unit of Cavalry (6 models).

Next one is a new Roger´s Ranger in 28mm from Galloping Major. I need to paint five more of them for my first game.

Finally, I send you a new model from Pro Gloria Miniatures, an ancient woman (yes, she is a woman) and a Scottish pikeman from Claymore Castings, a new company of 28mm models (sculpted by Paul Hicks). In you can see them. I expect to use these figures with the same rulebook and terrain elements I am recollecting for the XVI Century game.

This eclectic group will give Juan 45 points. Very nice work, Juan! I'm particularly enjoying the 16th century stuff you're sending in as it's very characterful.