Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From MichaelF: 28mm Viking Warlord (35 points)

Michael from the Netherlands sends in this beautiful Viking Warlord vignette as his opening run for The Challenge.

This is to be used as Michael's Viking Jarl warlord base for future games of SAGA.

He did the rock outcropping in cork, which was his first time working with it. I think he did a cracking job.

The figures are a mix of 28mm Gripping Beast (the monk) and Artizan (those not begging for mercy...). 

This vignette will give Michael a base of  20 points, but I'm going to award him another 15 for the great basework and inspired composition. Welcome aboard Michael!

From TimB: 28mm Greek Hoplites (125 points)

Tim changes gears from his WWI project and sends in a fabulous set of Greek hoplites.

This first group are 28mm from Crusader Miniatures, based for DBA.

Next are some individually based hoplites for skirmish gaming. These castings are also 28mm but from the Black Tree Design range.

As I'm sure you noticed, ALL of the shields are handpainted by Tim - amazing stuff! Let me tell you, with the amount of carping and moaning he made about painting these chaps I'm not sure if he'll be wanting to do too many more...

This group of 21 will net Tim a base of 105 points, but I'm going to give him an extra 20 points for the extra effort on the shields. So 125 total. Great work Tim!

From JohnM: Napoleonic Prussian Artillery (135 points)

John sends in this beautiful submission of Napoleonic late-period Prussian Artillery.

These castings are from the excellent 28mm Calpe miniature range. 

This first group (with the howitzer and shoulder rolls) depict the 3rd Silesian Heavy Foot Battery.

The second battery, below, is the 11th Silesian Horse Battery. One of the stands predates the Challenge.

 Both were part of the Prussian IV Corps under von Dennewitz that saw action at Waterloo.

A mounted artillery officer overseeing the chaos.

I really like the ammunition caisson in the background as well and I must say a really nice photo composition.

This group of five artillery bases along with the commander will give John a tidy 135 points. Great work John!

From KentG: 28mm French Imperial Guard Fusilier-Grenadiers (80 points)

Kent sends in this great unit of sixteen French Imperial Guard Fusilier-Grenadiers.

I'm not sure of the make of the figures, but if I'm not wrong I think they have the beefy look of Front Rank castings. 

These lads will add another 80 points to Kents staggering total. Well, done! 

Burned-out yet, Kent?  Got the Painter's Shakes?  ;)

From GregB: 28mm Napoleonic Austrian Artillery (55 points)

As promised, Greg has come through with two stands of 6-pound Austrian Artillery ready to make some hot work against that infuriating Corsican upstart and his regicidal lackeys.

These are 28mm Wargames Foundry castings. 

The last shot below is of the whole battery arrayed for action. I quite like all the accoutrements set out for use.

These two stands will give Greg 55 points. Great stuff, Greg! I'm looking forward to seeing these in a few weeks for our upcoming Pratzen Heights mash-up.