Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From SteveM: 15mm Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) Strike Force and Objectives (208 points)

Steve sends in a perennial favourite of mine: the LRDG, resplendent in their Jeeps, twin Vickers Ks and Chevy 30CWTs (a Canadian design, I can proudly add).

These 15mm models are from an out-of-print Battlefront box set 'Sting of the Scorpion'. Steve tells me that they can now be purchased in separate blisters but, if you're interested, be quick as they are slated to go OOP as well.

I love these sentries in front of their guard posts - poor buggers, must be a drag to continually be a target ventilated by these LRDG yobs.

Terrain does not score for the Challenge but, hey, you can't have LRDG without stacks of schit for them to blow up.

Here is Steve's painting guide:

'How: Primed grey, Vallejo acrylics, MIG pigments and washes for DAK vehicles
Base: Sand and Dex spackling on the base, cork for rocks, Behr flat
house paint to color with wash.'

This Chevy and it's Breda is just aching for a runway lined with Stukas and Junkers.
Steve has done a brill job with the desert camo on these Chevys.
These lads will give Steve a healthy 208 points. Great work (I wish I could play a game with them!)

From ChrisP: 28mm Greek Hoplites for SAGA, 3rd Entry (60 points)

Chris here completes his Ancient Greek project for his SAGA mod. I'll let Chris describe them:
Above we see a unit of Myrmidons, Achilles' best and brightest, my Hearthguard. They are much (much) darker than the other hoplites, because of all the muted bronze and dark grey shield cloths and tunics. Their crests are showing a remarkable ability to reflect light- they might need another matt varnish!

Next up is my generic Warlord, for all those times when Achilles is sulking and/or dead. This is the Strategos from the Immortal (now Warlord) boxed set, along with the piper following him.

Finally we have Achilles himself, the best of the Achaeans in all his golden glory. This sculpt is from the Wargames Illustrated "Moments in History" range- he is meant to be on a large base duelling Hector; based clearly on the movie Troy. I gave Hector to the local Trojan player, so I am looking forward to duelling the two!

Excellent work, Chris, based on a superb idea - bravo! I'm shamelessly poaching this for my own SAGA collection.

These twelve lads will give Chris another 60 points to add to his overall tally.

From TimB: 28mm Anglo-Saxons, Norman Foot, Greek Light Horse plus a Celt and a Greek (310 points)

Wow, the lads sure have been busy! Its been a week of multiple-period, multiple-posts ranging from Ancient Greece to present day Mogadishu, from characterful single figures to large multiple units - all of it excellent stuff! So keeping up both the theme and tempo Tim sends us a veritable cornucopia of great minis to look at. First up is an impressive unit of Anglo-Saxons arrayed in one of their formidable shieldwalls.

Tim tells me that this unit is composed of a dog's breakfast of 28mm manufacturers: Gripping Beast, Old Glory and Black Tree Design to name a few.

And really, who better to face-off with the Anglo-Saxons than those avaristic yobs with bad haircuts from the Cotentin. Yes, you guessed it, the Normans.

These are all 28mm Crusader castings. Tim did fabulous work on the shields with both of these units.

Next we have a stand of two 28mm Greek light cavalry from Black Tree Design...

...truly an ancient Greek from Warlord Games...

... and finally a sunbather from the Orkneys wearing nothing but his tattooes (and, well, a huge freakin' sword). He's from Warlord Games as well.

These fourty-nine foot and two mounted will give Tim a base of 265 points, but I'm going to award him another 45 points for the great hand-painted work on the various shields and the tattooed loon. So 310 it is. Wonderful stuff, Tim!