Thursday, February 23, 2012

From ChrisP: 28mm WWII Australians (50 Points)

Chris sends in this very fine set of WWII Australian infantry for upcoming games of 'Force on Force'.

Take it away Chris:

First up, is an Anti-Tank Team comprised of one cobber with a Boys AT Rifle, and one cobber with a good old SMLE. The Boys miniature comes from Warlord Games' Bolt Action range (he is really a Chindit), the rifleman is from Artizan.

Next up is my first half squad, comprised of 3 riflemen with SMLE, one NCO with a Thompson and one gunner with the Bren Light Machinegun. These guys are all from Artizan.

Next, is two spare chaps! The rifleman will be used as the spotter for my Sniper team, the NCO with a Thompson... Not sure what I will do with him! Again, these are Artizan.

Last up, is a downed Airman from Warlord Games. I painted him up to be nice and bright, I figured that if anyone was going to be clean in the pacific war, it would be the guy who just landed because he had his plane shot out from under him! It also gives a nice contrast to the dark and dingy Australians. The airman will be used as an objective in one of our scenarios.

This downed pilot is brilliant.
I am not that happy with the Artizan models- their faces are a bit ugly for my tastes! Not that australian soldiers should be chiselled gods, but they wouldn't have been as ugly as Artizan makes them out to be! Perhaps there is some feud with australians, a stolen girlfriend of a sculptor in the past? I don't know.

Even with their ugly mugs these lads will give Chris 50 points, keeping him well within range of the Challenge leaders. Well done!

From DaveD: 28mm General Colbert of the Lancers of the Imperial Guard (Red Lancers) & Mameluke Standard Bearer (40 points)

Dave submits two beautiful cavalry figures that have benefited from his usual attentive conversions. First is a 28mm Perry casting depicting a wounded General Colbert as he would have been seen on the field at Waterloo. The British casualty at his feet is from the Elite range.

From Dave:
I remade the cords and rackets so they are loose off the czapka , and replaced his sword with something less chunky, and freeed up all the chunks of metal on the casting the reins, behind the scabbard , the saddlecloth etc  - I must be mad you see...- well more just particular!

Indeed! Second, we have a Mameluke eagle bearer in the midst of being unhorsed - poor chap.

This is a 28mm Bicorne model in which Dave has repositioned and has soldered new reins and loops.

These two (with the casualty) will give Dave a base of 23 points but due to his extra conversion work I'm topping it up to 40 points. Lovely stuff, Dave!

From SteveM: 'The Quick and the Lead' 28mm Female Gunfighter (5 points)

For the portion of the Challenge that is Sarah's Choice Steve has sent in this characterful lady gunslinger.

From Steve:
I picked up some Black Scorpion figures to go along with the Warhammer Historical Old West rulebook I got over Christmas. I was watching "The Quick and the Dead" with Sharon Stone and thought of this figure I had so I painted it up to match. Can't wait for Ellen to go against The Kid.

Sarah was quite intrigued with this figure as she has not seen the movie. As the film also features Gene Hackman and Russell Crowe (two of her favourites) I have a suspicion that it will be on the iTunes roster for this weekend...

This self-possessed lass will bring 5 points to Steve's scorecard. Nice one!