Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Entry #18 to the AHPC - 10mm English Civil War Horse and Pikemen

In the continued push to get a few more projects off my desk before the Challenge deadline, here are a couple bases of 10mm English Civil War figures.

These figures were acquired many years ago at Cold Wars from AIM Miniatures. I think they are now available through Miniature Figurines/Matchlock Miniatures in the UK.

These castings are technically listed as 10mm, but they are actually closer to 12mm. It's a bit annoying as they really don't mix well with other 10s. Nevertheless, they are nice figures, and since I do have a good mob of the little blighters, I'll probably stick to my guns and build my two armies around them.

Due to my irrational aversion of al dente spaghetti spears, I've clipped off the soft metal pikes and replaced them with florist wire. It's a fiddly process, but I think the figures look better for it.  

While the cavalry has Parliamentary orange sashes I've tried keep this collection 'neutral' in their colours and banners so they could stand in for either side.

There was a lot of hand-wringing over how to base these (I know, First World Problems), but in the end I decided to go with larger single bases, as I like the chunky look and they are easier to handle on the tabletop.

I had hoped to get a couple 'sleeves' of shot done for this submission, but they are still half-done on the desk (sigh). They'll have to catch up with their mates sometime in the summer. 

For the King! / For God and Parliament!