Thursday, February 13, 2014

From PeterD: 28mm War of 1812 British Infantry - 8th King's Regiment (122 points)

From Peter:
This is the 8th (King's Regiment) from the War of 1812. I have plugging away on this unit for a while now and finally finished them last night. I was slowed down by February blahs and grumpiness, a broken figure (thanks Victrix for the weak joint) and another kitchen injury involving chopping vegetables. This time it was a sweet potato and I sliced a bit of the tip of my left ring finger. Next time, I'll listen when my wife says that the knives need sharpening.

Anyway not a lot to say about this unit (24 strong). The figures are all Victrix, except for one of the standard bearers. The flags were downloaded from Warflag (a great free resource).
I've developed a real preference for the Perry plastics after working with Victrix. The Victrix poses offer ore variety at a cost of far more fiddliness. Plus I find the Perry poses more natural and easier to paint.
I believe that this takes me over me Challenge target (yeah me)!

Ah, this is great as I know you've been working on these fellows for a while - must be great to have them completed. They look wonderful! I quite like the cords and finials on the standards, they give a very nice finishing touch to the colour party. I agree with you about Victrix vs Perry: the flexibility of accoutrements and pose with Victrix is a boon, but they are definitely more fiddly to assemble than the Perry offerings (and somewhat more fragile in my experience as well).

This battalion of the 8th will give Peter 122 points, which includes a couple extra for the smart set of colours. This will indeed put him over his 500 point Challenge target. Well done Peter! Now go re-attach your finger and remember: don't run with scissors. 

From JohnM: 20mm WWII British Engineers & Challenge Desperado (56 points)

From John:
These very nice 20 mm British engineers are from SHQ miniatures, I had understood that these 20 mm figures were smaller then most, but then fit in nicely with the rest of my 20 mm figures from PSC, AB, CPModels, TQD miniatures and Warmodelling (list gets longer and longer).

Some duplicates, but overall nice clean sculpts. Some mine sweepers, flamethrowers, dynamiters are all represented. 
I really like the guy with the dynamite. First attempt at camouflage in the helmets. I still have not decided if these are British or Canadian troops, so no shoulder flashes yet.
Each year, Curt requests that we send in a painted figure that fits with the theme of that year's challenge. He has successfully build up nice armies of skirmishers, I thought he was particularly clever last year to get us to all paint Samurai! This year it is Cowboys; well I have no cowboys, so last weekend when I was at the Hobby Bunker for my fortnightly game of Chain of Command I had a look around. And although I doubt this chappie is a Sam Peckinpah character, I thought he might be cowboy enough.
I believe this easily recognised figure from the Wild West is a Reaper Miniatures figure in their heroic 30mm range. Anyway I do not believe he will go astray in a game of Deadman's Hand.
A couple of years ago Curt was very kind and sent me something I was desperate to get my hands on, I wonder if he remembers. Anyway, a small portion of it is being sent back with this figure!

Great figures here John. I have quite a few SHQ myself and while sometimes fragile they have very good character and detail. Like you John, I quite like the engineer with the dynamite and the detonation cord. Great sculpt.

Also thanks very much for the Challenge Desperado. Great figure! I quite like his green hat, red whiskers and yellow buff leggings. And I must say that his Tentacle Pink scarf is to die for. ;)

These engineers and the dashing rifleman will give John 56 points. Well done and thanks again John!

From JuanM: 28mm Battle of Otterburn - John Dunbar, Earl of Moray (21 points)

From Juan:
I have managed to paint a few more models. These ones are also from Claymore Casting, a Scottish command group with John Dunbar, Earl of Moray. The banner is specially designed for Claymore from 'Flags of War'.

This year´s Challenge is fantastic, what a great level of painting and of fast-painting as well! Great job everyone.

Beautiful work Juan. You've done a wonderful job on the armour, the banner is magnificent and the heraldry on Dunbar's surcoat is particularly fine. 

The Earl of Moray and his retinue will give Juan 21 points. Very nice Juan. You've certainly added to the excellent level of painting that we've been enjoying these past few months.