Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From KevH: 28mm Wars of the Roses & 54mm English Civil War (300 points)

From Kevin:
Here we go, I'm back. Now, first up Wars of the Roses Shire Levy Bowmen (Oxfords). 28mm Perry's. 20 miniatures with command from various townships within the Earl of Oxford's shire. All bows are strung. Flag by me.

Followed by more 54mm, as promised. Figures by "A Call to Arms" plastics. The first 6 stands of Green Regiment Shotte to go with the previous Green pike.

Another wonderful selection of figures from these two periods by Kevin. The archers are brilliant but I have to say that I'm really taken by these 54mm figures - they look just amazing.

This selection will give Kev a base of 280 points but I'm adding a little extra for the work gone into stringing the bows and the custom banner. Well done!

From JohnM: 28mm Napoleonic Brunswick Command (50 points)

From John:
Back to Napoleonics. Here are the command stands for my Brunswick Corps. Couple of new basing ideas here. First up is the my new divisional stand: A 80x60mm oval. I realized the number of figures I would need for my Napoleonic command stands was just too many, and I also felt the 120x80 mm stands were too big for this level of command. I will stay with this rectangular stand for the Corps and Army command bases ie commands of 12-20k men. For under 12k men, ie. 2-4 brigades, I thought this oval stand looked a lot better and was more appropriate in size for the table.

There is also a 50 mm round brigade stand in this collection as well as another new addition, an ADC stand. These 40x20mm ovals will be used for my functional ADC's, ie chaps who have to move about the terrain. FoG Napoleonic ruleset has this as a function and Curt's upcoming ruleset Food for Powder uses them as well. I have always thought that having ADC's running about the terrain would be cool. 

So anyway here we have the Duke of Brunswick with his Adjutant General Col Olfermann as well as an ADC bringing a message from the front. The Duke was killed at Quatre Bras, and Col Olfermann had to assume command. We also have another ADC on an independent stand as well as Lt Col von Specht commanding the 2nd Line Infantry Brigade. You see that the ADC's have sky blue trousers. I was not sure what colour stripe to put on these trousers, any suggestions?

I am hoping to be able to submit the first part of my Cunning Secret Project done soon, as well as some Romano-British and my first Andalusians.

Lovely work John. I really like these chunky bases you're using and that oblong base-shape for the ADC gives a nice visual reminder of its function during games.

These five horsemen will give John 50 points. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your upcoming Cunning Secret Project!

From IanW: 15mm WWII American and German Sniper Markers & Infantry Support Teams (158 points)

Its been a bit since my last submission but I have been still painting LOL
So here we have 40 15mm Forged in Battle Americans and 36 Germans. I have one of the missing 4 Germans painted awaiting his loader but the other two won't be done. One is missing his face details and the other is crouched with his hands together as if using a MG or something but no weapon for it.
These figures have a lot of detail and the flash is not to bad though I did miss a few mold lines!
These are to be used in ASL as 3D snipers and will be put on the board unlike the Sniper Reminders that are usually at the elbow of the player to remind them of their SAN numbers. I actually used two Sunday night so some have been used before getting on the blog.
I had the bases made by Warbases custom for the job. A few figures though would not fit on these so I have just based them up normally. I am getting the urge to try out some form of skirmish WWII and I think such as these figures will do the job. At least then vehicles can be used and not require a tennis court to play it on.

Next up will be their 28mm brothers which have been painted longer but I was out of bases.

Great work Ian! I quite like how those sniper markers look on the ASL playing boards - very sharp.

This swarm of 15mm figures will give Ian 158 points to add to his points tally.

From Kawe: 28mm Napoleonic French Engineer Vignette (65 points)

Kawe takes the Enest Hemmingway Prize for the most succinct submission description:
It's the old and new engineer-sets from Westfalia.

Okaay! The brevity in prose is more than outweighed by the gorgeous work here. Wow, I was going to hold off on getting one of those French wagons but now I think I'll have to reconsider. Absolutely lovely. The addition of the wheelbarrow, picks, etc. is also a great touch.

This group of sappers will give Kawe 65 points, which includes some extra added for the overall composition of the vignette. Again, great job!

PS: Kawe, if you ever get out of the miniatures busines you can always write scripts for William Shatner or Clint Eastwood.

From ChrisP: 28mm ACW/Wild West (66 points)

From Chris:
One of the games the locals play up here is Legends of the Old West. Not wanting to be left out, but lacking in funds, I clicked that I could use some of my spare ACW figures to stand in and let me play for no cost (which is a plus!). The Infantry had a big part to play in the wars over the west, it is said that the Indians hated the Cavalry, but they really feared the Infantry....
So yesterday, I sat down, with a Mountain Dew, Corn Chips, the Superbowl (go Ravens) and painted some US infantry! Couldn't get much more American than that!

These 12 guys started their lives as plastic Perry Miniatures ACW Infantry. I decapitated them and replaced their heads with some of the excellent Steve Barber heads. Why? So that these 12 could represent a detachment from the Michigan Infantry, from the Iron Brigade of the West. Why? So that I could have the super cool Hardee Hat! Certainly one of my favourite pieces of headgear worn in the civil war, this hat was famous and feared, the Iron Brigade were a tough bunch on the battlefield.

The pistol arms have been taken from the Perry Cavalry box, with their left arms coming from other Perry ACW Infantry, this time the marching poses. Not the most efficient system, but I needed some guys with pistols for the game! 

Anyway, the group shot is somehow missing the bugler (calling reveille somewhere I suppose). There is an Officer, Bugler, seven Riflemen and 3 pistol armed soldiers. This will hopefully provide a good bit of variety for me to use in the game. I was just informed that I needed some guys on horses to enact a train robbery (or train recapture) so I might convert some of them up at some point too.

Nice figure mods Chris! Those arm and head-swaps turned out brilliant - great idea.

These dozen Yanks will give Chris 66 points, with a few more added for the modifications. Well done!