Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm ACW/Wild West (66 points)

From Chris:
One of the games the locals play up here is Legends of the Old West. Not wanting to be left out, but lacking in funds, I clicked that I could use some of my spare ACW figures to stand in and let me play for no cost (which is a plus!). The Infantry had a big part to play in the wars over the west, it is said that the Indians hated the Cavalry, but they really feared the Infantry....
So yesterday, I sat down, with a Mountain Dew, Corn Chips, the Superbowl (go Ravens) and painted some US infantry! Couldn't get much more American than that!

These 12 guys started their lives as plastic Perry Miniatures ACW Infantry. I decapitated them and replaced their heads with some of the excellent Steve Barber heads. Why? So that these 12 could represent a detachment from the Michigan Infantry, from the Iron Brigade of the West. Why? So that I could have the super cool Hardee Hat! Certainly one of my favourite pieces of headgear worn in the civil war, this hat was famous and feared, the Iron Brigade were a tough bunch on the battlefield.

The pistol arms have been taken from the Perry Cavalry box, with their left arms coming from other Perry ACW Infantry, this time the marching poses. Not the most efficient system, but I needed some guys with pistols for the game! 

Anyway, the group shot is somehow missing the bugler (calling reveille somewhere I suppose). There is an Officer, Bugler, seven Riflemen and 3 pistol armed soldiers. This will hopefully provide a good bit of variety for me to use in the game. I was just informed that I needed some guys on horses to enact a train robbery (or train recapture) so I might convert some of them up at some point too.

Nice figure mods Chris! Those arm and head-swaps turned out brilliant - great idea.

These dozen Yanks will give Chris 66 points, with a few more added for the modifications. Well done!


  1. These guys look great but I am not going to say that as you like the Ravens (said by a Steeler fan so you know)


  2. another great entry Chris keep them coming


Thanks for your comment! As long as you're not a spam droid I'll have it up on the blog soon. :)