Saturday, January 4, 2014

From Aaron Hunt: 28mm Rogers' Rangers (32 points)

Aaron shows us his Bloggers for Charity figures, a fine set of Rogers' Rangers.

From Aaron:
These eight models are rangers for my Bloggers for Charity contribution.  They were generously donated by the manufacturer, AW Miniatures, and shipped to me by Loki.  I had started these before the Challenge, but only got as far as painting their faces.  Since I wasn’t all that happy with the primer on a couple of them anyway (it was splotchy/chunky) I stripped the lot and started over. 

I found these to be really hard to paint.  I had to do a lot of research to figure out the uniforms, or whether they were even going to have a uniform appearance.  In the end I decided to paint them up as Roger’s Rangers, since that is the most famous American ranger unit.  My sources seemed to have them in green jackets, but I mixed things up a little bit in other places.  
By and large the castings are very nice but the muskets have some of the oddest flash on them that I’ve ever seen.  Two of these model’s muskets are the worst castings I’ve dealt with in a long time.  I did my best to cover the imperfections with paint but I’m not completely happy with my ability to cover the casting errors.
Now that they are done I’m very happy with them.  Painting these was a bit like free association.  I was just unable to develop a plan so I started slapping paint on until I realized they were done.  Future units will be easier, if I ever get into FIW. 

These are unbased as Loki will be taking care of the basing to ensure a uniform appearance, on that front at any rate.  Loki, if there is anything you want me to change on these, you have a few days until I’ll be able to get them mailed across the pond to you.
Great work Aaron. I think you've done a wonderful job on these fellows especially since it's your first foray into the period (quite like that green you've done).

These eight Rangers will give Aaron 32 points. Nice job!

From BenD: 15mm WWII Soviet SU-122 Assault Guns (24 points)

BenD adds some close support to his Soviets with these four SU-122s.

From Ben: 
A quick update today for my expanding Soviet army. I have started bulking out the support options with 4 SU-122's. The models themselves were very nice to put together as unlike a lot of the T-34 based models the mud guards are modeled onto the hull. this saved me a lot of frustration.
Painting wise they were what I was expecting from my now 100 plus range of Soviet tanks, but were still enjoyable.
In the game the SU-122 is great with Volley Fire and Breakthrough gun they give you a great unit to dig out infantry and gun teams with. They are also very cheap from a points perspective.

Next up will be the Stuarts I talked about in my last post, they got pushed back a little as I found some time for a small unit but not a big 10 tank platoon.

Great work Ben! Very clean work and I really like how you've composed your photographs.

These four assault guns will give Ben 24 points. Well done!

From PeterD: 28mm War of 1812 American Infantry (40 points)

Peter continues with his War of 1812 project by completing this fine battalion of American infantry.

From Peter:
Eight of this 24 man unit make up my second submission.  These are the US 16th Infantry Regiment from the War of 1812 in 28mm.  The original 16 men I painted much earlier this year are Perry plastics and the 8 men I painted this week are Victrix plastics.  
These figures are based on a plate in the Osprey on the American War,  The US Army had difficulty obtaining blue cloth for its units, due in part to the trade embargoes that led to the war in the first place.  Many units made due with other colours, including the 16th who had black tunics with red facings and white lace.  Since officers bought their own uniforms they typically had the regulation blue faced red (although one expects as a premium price).  

My original plan was to put the Victrix figures on two separate bases and leave the 16 Perry-men as they were.  However, the two figure manufacturers have very different interpretations of the packs issued to British infantry.  The Perry figures have a shorter squatter pack while the Victrix packs are tall and skinnier.  Worse still, I took the blanket rolls off of my Perry figures (since the US didn't typically store their blankets on top) but left them on the Victrix figures.  I course noticed this right after I finished painting them in black tunics…
I  decided that a miss-match of equipment was likely in 1813 and that using captured Brit kit to supplement was done as required.  But it looked better to blend the Victrix into the Perry masse rather than have them send out on their own.  The two makes fit together well.  Once they were based I was telling them apart by their base shapes (Victrix's are square and Perry's round) or their packs.  Given equipment and uniform issues, I gave the lot of them different coloured trousers.  My Trojan Green's faces didn't show the level of detail that I like so I gave these guys an extra wash of Raw Umber to bring the details out more (I hope).
Anyway the 16th fought in many of the key actions in the Niagara, Lake Ontario and Montreal campaigns.  Elements who present at York, Stoney Creek, Crysler's farm and Cook's Mills.
Great work Peter. I found the Victrix French plastics to be very nice but a bit fiddly to assemble whereas the Perry models seem a bit more straighforward (if less open to options). I'm quite looking forward to having a game with these and I expect your British will find good allies amongst my Penninsular War lads in future tabletop adventures.

These 8 figures will give Peter 40 points. Good job!

From FranL: 15mm Modern Soviet Armour (24 points)

We have another dash to the finish line today with Fran seizing the win in the 600 point race.

From Fran:
This is a pre-emptive panic post to grab my 600 and flee.....

We have some 15mm QRF horrible castings of 3 BTR-80s and 1 T-72 for my Chechen forces to face off against the Russians but while they're suitable, these figures are less than stellar in there casting and quality, same Russian green colour as the Russian armour just to show who the former owners were?

A nice push for victory Fran! I've always liked the bright blue 'lens' colours you use for your lights and optics - they serve a nice contrast from the muted military colours. 

These four vehicles will give Fran 24 points and so enough for him to claim the race to the 600 point marker. Well done Mr. Lee! Now, what will be your next points target?

From TamsinP: 28mm Coureur de Bois (32 points)

From Tamsin:
This submission consists of eight 28mm FIW coureurs de bois from AW Miniatures. These represent my painting contribution for the most excellent Bloggers for Charity project organized by James B and AndrewS.
These were painted over black primer drybrushed with white to provide some pre-highlighting. As the figures were all the same pose, I decided to use a wide range of colours to make every figure different. It also made for some confusion on my part when I went to do the final highlighting. It might have been better if I'd done them before I gave the figures a wash of brown ink - a lesson learned for next time!
I still haven't mastered the art of painting eyes, so I've just done the iris colour and ignored the whites. I have remembered one lesson I learned after painting my Norman Dux a couple of months ago - seal with Klear on its own rather than mixed with ink as the ink mix is very good at hiding all the effort put into the highlighting.

These have been left unbased as Andrew will be doing all the figure basing for the project.

Lovely work Tamsin and all for a good cause. I especially like that you've reflected the bead-work ornamentation that was a common feature of these intrepid fellows' clothes. Well done.

These eight Coureur de Bois will give Tamsin a well-earned 32 points. Nice job!

From AndrewS: 20mm Nubian Skirmish Infantry (136 points)

Andrew FTW!

From Andrew:
My final entry this week. There is nothing in this world going to motivate me more than the sight of dang near 400 points of Crusaders from KevH and his impending snatching the 1000 points race title when it is within my grasp. It was like sticking a pin in a donkey’s arse and off I shot and worked at the brushes all night like a man possed to complete 4 units of Nubian Skirmish Archers. 

Each unit comprises eight figures for a total of 32 (20mm). These represent the skirmish elements for the 1st 2 divisions of the Nubian army I am building, The bases are larger as these troops can only fight in open order and rather than having to split bases and have gaps I used the wider bases. 
These are in two sections as when they form part of the later Egyptian army they are half the size in Hail Caesar. I also choose to use slightly deeper bases so as to give them more informality and added some rocks to these bases so as to be depicted in the rough terrain areas these types excel in. 

Now if I am lucky Kev will have fallen short and I will have just scrapped past the 1000 point mark with these or I will have failed and have another year of banter to survive. :)
A fantastic final effort to seize the ring Andrew! These figures are wonderful and as you described before, much of it is in their marvellous basework which does so much to tie them all together as units.

This swarm of Nubian skirmishers will give Andrew 136 points, enough for him to claim victory in his 1K duel with KevH. Well done! My congratulations to the both Andrew and Kev for providing us with an exciting race! Now Andrew, what will be your new benchmark since you smashed through your initial target in a little over two weeks?

From KevH: 20mm Viking Command (26 points)

From Kev: 
A Viking CiC. Six foot figures in total, a couple are slight conversions. This could also be a Villian, lol. 1/72 Strelets and Zvezda figures. First of many Vikings to come. I love painting these.

I am painting these to a better standard than the Crusaders. The Saxon army to oppose these is currently on the Strelets website in their gallery.

Wonderful work Kev. I really like the vibrant colours you've used for your smaller scale figures and the raven banner is winner as well.

This command stand will give Kev 26 points. Considering his past four submissons came in at once he did an amazing amount of work leading into New Years Day - Well done!

From SidneyR: 28mm Great War French Poilu (90 points)

Sidney treats us to a taste of his upcoming Great War project which focuses on the gruelling Battle of Verdun.

From Sidney:
Here’s my first non-themed submission for the challenge, painted in the odd times and spaces during the frantic Holiday season!  
There’s twenty-one standing and one prone (wounded) late war Poilu, all from Brigade Games in 28mm.  They’re depicted in the M2 gas-mask, used from late 1915 onwards.  I painted the figures using the painting tables for late war French infantry posted on my blog.  I was glad I’d posted that table, because when I came to painting some of the aspects of the figures like gas masks and rifles, I’d completely forgotten which paints I’d used before!
I converted the basic infantry figures to gas-masked infantry way back in the Autumn, so it has been a relief to finally get this demi-platoon to the painting table.

The basing is a mixture of plain, Autumn woods and more built-up/village (with fallen bricks and masonry).  I thought about going all wooded (lots of Autumn colour), and may try this with the next submission.

Beautiful work Sidney. I've always found your Great War collection very inspirational and these do not disappoint. I think you've done a very nice job on the French 'horizon blue/grey' and your gasmask modification has been brilliantly executed. Bravo!

Being a perfect gentleman Sidney approached me before the Challenge and asked whether he could submit a few figures that were a little more advanced beyond primer. I took a look at his preproduction photos and so have adjusted the points awarded accordingly. This wonderful demi-platoon of French Poilu will give Sidney 90 points to add to his tally. Well done Mr. Roundwood! :)