Saturday, September 21, 2013

Neo-Soviet Partisans, Group II

A small update on what I've managed to move off my hobby desk lately. Here is another batch of infantry to help bolster my existing post-apoc collection. Similar to the previous group these boys are Neo-Soviet Partisans in 28mm from Copplestone Castings' excellent Future Wars range. 

Again, like my last batch these guys are kitted out in a dog's breakfast of civilian and military garb. I find working on this stuff to be pretty relaxing as there are really no rules to how to do them up.

I kept the bases in the same theme as those I've previously done, mimicking Sidney Roundwood's excellent work with his Great War collection. The bricks are made from a piece of square balsa rod cut into small segments and then pressed into the texture gel groundwork while it's still setting up. Pretty easy effect. The brick and brick dust effect is GW Dark Flesh which is then drybrushed up with layers of GW Red Gore, Foundry British Uniform Red (C), and Sky Grey from FolkArt.  The result is over-saturated, but I'm happy with the overall impression it gives.

These lads have already been blooded in a rousing game where we used a mildly adapted version of the 'Chain of Command' rules. I'll report on that soon...