Sunday, February 26, 2012

From MikeW: 28mm Prince Rupert, Boye & Numidian Cavalry (102)

Here we have from Mike Rupert of the Rhine and his K9 pal, the Royalist Demon Dog 'Boye'. 

These are 28mm castings from Warlord Games. I have this same set of miniatures in my To-Do figure reserve.  I remember looking closely at the Rupert casting when I got it and Mike expresses my thoughts exactly when he writes, 'I HATE painting faces hidden behind helmet bars.' Yes, indeed... Well, you did a very good job on him, Mike. I'll have to give mine a crack sometime soon.

Next is a group of nine 28mm Numidian cavalry. Mike got these castings from a friend, but believes they are Wargames Foundry models.

This fine group of figures gives Mike 102 points to add to his Challenge tally. Well done!

From IanW: 28mm WWII Casualty/Sniper Markers (85 points)

Ian sends in these very innovative casualty/markers with a numerical dial built in.

I have something similar from Litko, but I think I may have to take a look at these as well. 

From Ian:
These are 9 Russian and 8 American 28mm WWII figures. Like the German's before, these will be used as sniper reminders for the boardgame ASL. 

Finally found a supplier of the perfect base, these are Warbases and are ment to be casulty markers. The number rotates between 1 and 12 (I will use 2-7 range) As such only one per side gets used at a time and thus the Russians in a mix of summer and winter cloths is not an issue. Same goes for the Yanks, these I have painted in a mix of period uniform and also 4 are in greatcoats.

I came accross a UK supplier of Company B decals which I have added the American 1st Inf Div The Big Red One. These went on a dream and even at 28mm scale were easier than I could have hoped to deal with. The edges though are very shinny but once matt varnished that issue went away. The decals lay flat and well worth the extra effort.

Nice work! These seventeen figures will give Ian 85 points. 

From PhilH: Tribesmen, Panel Truck & Nazis (58 points)

I'm feeling irrepressibly lazy today so I'll let Phil describe his own stuff:

First off, four Indian peasant farmers/herders for (you guessed it) Pulp gaming. They are from the Perry plastic Ansar box, made up of the less obviously African bits, I think I can get away with using them as peasants from the Indian subcontinent or indeed Africa. They have minor conversions to de-weapon them, one got a greenstuff hoe, two pointy bamboo sticks and one walking stick for the elderly gentleman (who seems to be setting quite a pace regardless!) The two with pointed sticks may one day herd an elephant, once I fork out for one.

Next up, a Talbot 1927 van. A repaint of a Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' diecast. Really nice range of models, perfect size and pretty cheap to buy. I would love to put a transfer on the big blank side panel but don't have anything suitable at the moment. 'British Archaelogical Society' perhaps? My freehand skills won't stretch to that, but I did give it a numberplate. 

Thirdly, what is Pulp without Nazis? Another part of my brothers birthday gift. The four on the right are Artizan. The others I'm not sure, Perhaps Bolt Action? They seem to be sentries, one checking papers and the other having crafty cig. Sculpts aren't the same quality as the Artizan. All are painted as early war (I hope!), to get into a more Pulpy timeframe. Didn't enjoy painting these, not my best work and not sure the colours are right. But they are ok and will do a job as mooks for the officers I entered last time.

They look great, Phil! These guys (and the truck) will give you 58 points. 

From RossM: Hector's Chariot, Waffen SS & Trenches (58 points)

Ross sends in a great mix of figures for the Challenge. Fist up is a beautiful Trojan chariot depicting the hero Hector, rolling out with his posse at Troy. 

This chariot vignette is composed of figures from Redoubt Miniatures' 28mm range of models which were specifically created to depict the siege of Troy. 

 Again, Ross does a superb job on the cow hide shields of the chariot runners.

I was thinking this would be a great 'Warlord stand' for Chris' adaptation of SAGA to the wars of ancient Greece.

Next up is a Waffen SS infantry gun and crew.

These are 20mm castings from SHQ.

I'm curious about the camo smocks on the crew - they seem almost mauve in colour - was this a historical variant or an anomaly with the image?

I've always like the somewhat lanky sculpts of the SHQ figures.

Last is a set of five trench sections from Iron Clad miniatures. As they are strictly terrain they will not score for the Challenge, but I wanted to post them as Ross did such a great job on them.

I quite like the detail on the duck boards...

This group will give Ross 58 points to add to his tally. Well done!