Sunday, February 26, 2012

From MikeW: 28mm Prince Rupert, Boye & Numidian Cavalry (102)

Here we have from Mike Rupert of the Rhine and his K9 pal, the Royalist Demon Dog 'Boye'. 

These are 28mm castings from Warlord Games. I have this same set of miniatures in my To-Do figure reserve.  I remember looking closely at the Rupert casting when I got it and Mike expresses my thoughts exactly when he writes, 'I HATE painting faces hidden behind helmet bars.' Yes, indeed... Well, you did a very good job on him, Mike. I'll have to give mine a crack sometime soon.

Next is a group of nine 28mm Numidian cavalry. Mike got these castings from a friend, but believes they are Wargames Foundry models.

This fine group of figures gives Mike 102 points to add to his Challenge tally. Well done!

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