Sunday, February 26, 2012

From IanW: 28mm WWII Casualty/Sniper Markers (85 points)

Ian sends in these very innovative casualty/markers with a numerical dial built in.

I have something similar from Litko, but I think I may have to take a look at these as well. 

From Ian:
These are 9 Russian and 8 American 28mm WWII figures. Like the German's before, these will be used as sniper reminders for the boardgame ASL. 

Finally found a supplier of the perfect base, these are Warbases and are ment to be casulty markers. The number rotates between 1 and 12 (I will use 2-7 range) As such only one per side gets used at a time and thus the Russians in a mix of summer and winter cloths is not an issue. Same goes for the Yanks, these I have painted in a mix of period uniform and also 4 are in greatcoats.

I came accross a UK supplier of Company B decals which I have added the American 1st Inf Div The Big Red One. These went on a dream and even at 28mm scale were easier than I could have hoped to deal with. The edges though are very shinny but once matt varnished that issue went away. The decals lay flat and well worth the extra effort.

Nice work! These seventeen figures will give Ian 85 points. 

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