Monday, February 18, 2013

From DaveD: 28mm Female Gunslinger, Her Vanquished Foes & The Blacksmith (45 points)

From Dave:
I am returning from my sick bed...I have been laid very low - as verge of being hosptilised with bronchitis.. gawd its been a bad do.
Anyway I have managed to prop myself up at the paint desk the last day and stopped coughing enough to wield a brush. So back with few Old West stuff the guys at the club have provided me for the games we have going on.
So first up we have Dixon Miniatures portable field forge set from thier ACW range - just something to add a little flavour - and of course another tough little character, the farrier.

The the poor old boys picked on the wrong target here, a new female gunslinger character from Black Scorpion, and the casualties by Knuckleduster.

Hopefully I will get time now to go through the backlog of entries I have not viewed!
Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well Dave, but I'm very happy that you're on the mend. The absence of your entries and comments was noted here at AH. 

That Gunfightrix is the bomb! I can just hear her saying, "I can give you some sweet, sweet peppermint or a big can of whoopass. Oh dear, it appears I'm right out of peppermint..."

That ferrier is excellent as well. The forge is certainly a nice piece of kit, but the horse's eyes makes him look like he's about to kick that fella right into orbit.

This collection will give Dave 45 points. Welcome back!

From Tamsin: 28mm Dark Age Norman Knights (187 points)

From Tamsin:
For my tenth entry, I hope you like these Norman knights. 

These are 28mm plastics from Conquest Games, and will be used for Saga. I had to grab shields from the infantry pack as the kite shields that come with the cavalry don't have bosses.

As you can tell from the pics, I'm going with a theme to help quickly identify "units" during games. The blue and red shields will always be used as Knights (hearthguard), the yellow and green shields might be used as either Knights or as Sergeants (warriors).

I'll be using similar colour coding when I paint up the Norman infantry shortly, although the majority there will be Sergeants.
Cracking work Tamsin! I have a couple of these myself and I was quite impressed with them, particularly with the horses. You've done a great job and I quite like your colour-coordinating them for ease of identification (and the hand-painted shields turned out quite nicely).

This troop will give Tamsin 187 points. Lovely stuff! (Greg you better get busy!)

From RayR: 28mm Dark Age Archers (80 points)

From Ray:

It looks as though I've had it as far as regaining my title, to the 25mm warmachine painters above me, so I thought I better get some 25mm figures painted too. 
These 16 Gripping Beast Spanish archers have along with tons of other stuff, been sitting unloved in a drawer for far too long. I last painted an El Cid figure way back probably around 10 years, the other Rejects are always moaning that we never game with them, so I thought I'd give them something else to moan about, another new unit of them.
They're a basic but usable paintjob, I did contemplate giving them an ink-wash or dip, but as my other Spanish figures haven't I left it out. 
More 25's to come!!
I didn't realize you had an El Cid army waiting in the wings - to echo the rest of the Rejects you'll have to break them out of storage and get a game in, especially since you have some spiffing new archers to add to the mix!

These bowmen will give Ray 80 points. Nice one!

From ScottB: 15mm WWII German Tigers (28 points)

From Scott:
I managed to get the decals done so Tigers are finished. 
The Tiger I. The most iconic tank of WWII to my mind!
Plastic Soldier Company 15mm for FoW. The kits are excellent and goes together well, with several choices for the variant.
I went with the MidWar themed tank as I play MidWar onwards, and also I just don't like the look of the LateWar period wheels! 
Painted in the typical 3 tone camo pattern, which puts it roughly mid 1943 onwards... perfect for Kursk style engagements...
So 4 big kitties done for my Wehrmacht forces, should hopefully give Ivan something to think about on the eastern front... if only I can fit them into my army list, they're darned expensive in points!
Got more work done on my Hobbit goblins, they're coming on well.

That is a lovely 'pride' of Big Cats you have there Scott! Again, you've done them justice with your excellent camo work. 

These four Tigers will give Scott 28 points. Well done!

From Fran: 28mm ACW Confederate Infantry, Casualties and Artillery (444 points)

Francis sends in another crashing volley with this gorgeous mess of Confederates.

From Fran:
First up some 28mm Confederates, I've tried to keep these less ragged than I've seen and after trolling around the internet I came to the conclusion there's a lot of information out there and I went with less is more but I'm still not that happy with them but that's just me! 
Firstly there's my fixation with the dead and wounded, a mixture of perry and foundry miniatures.

Followed by a Perry artillery piece and Dixon limber with Perry and Foundry crew, 
Two gatling guns from foundry with no crew found yet. There's Artizan Designs crew, and the prospect of head swaps, but I don't fecking think so - I may use artillery like crew figures that I already have. 

The last lot are the 14th Louisiana boys, mostly Foundry with a few Perry officers in the mix, lousy photos but Ray is having a monthly! 

Holy cow, Fran! Again, what a gobsmackingly huge entry and at such great quality as well. Superb work!

This entry will give Francis, wait for it, a monstrous 444 points to add to his tally. Whoa, that is a shed-load of figures! This entry not only shatters his original points target but also places him in striking range of the top three leaders.

Fabulous stuff Fran!

From Seb: 15mm Chinese General, Supply Wagon & Renaissance Commanders (73 points)

 From Seb:
It's been a few days since my last entry. I was feeling a bit down, and wasn't much interested in painting. Let's hope the mojo's back. You'll have to excuse the crappy quality of the pics, but I didn't have access to my usual place. First, I've finished the Chinese general for my friend Chris, a pretty simple base, with  4 Museum minis. 
Then, A wagon with driver for my camp, again from Museum, but I added a Donnington. 

And finally, my generals! 4 bases of three horsemen, and 3 flags. On one of the pictures, you can see the Condé from Testudo. He's quite nice and was easy to paint. For the flags, I admit I'm wrong, because those are infantry flags. But I wanted to be sure to differentiate them from my cavalry units. 

So, to sum up: 6 foot, 12 mounted, 1 wagon and two horses, plus 3 flags in 15mm. Not bad hey?
The good thing is, my French army is now finished! I can now finish my cold war French, finish painting your Ronin (almost done), and then start my new project in 15mm: just a clue, it's an Ancients army, rarely seen on the tables, but there is a good modelling challenge. And No Tamsin, you can't say a word!
That's a very nice mix of figures and periods Seb! All are lovely but I have a particular soft spot for REMFs and that barrel wagon is excellent. 

This submission from Seb will provide him with 73 points.

From John: 28mm Romano-British (96 points)

From JohnM:
I am now more then half way though my Romano-British force for Dux Britanniarum. Just three units of Numeri left to do. Here we have the 2 units of 6 figures each of the Milites as well as 4 Skirmishers with slings. 
All Gripping Beast figures. Each unit of Milites has a banner from LBMS, as are the shield transfers. As the Milites are regular infantry so unlike levy I wanted to keep them uniform, but with less detailed clothing then the 1 elite unit of Comanipulares. 

I thought white looked best. White base, AP Dark Tone, then a dry brush of GW Dry Praxeti White. 

As they can form into a shield wall movement trays were also painted. I have to say that I am really pleased with how these came out. Next up, I will have a small unit that was a spontaneous purchase that I could not just resist.

Wow, these look great John. You're right, the white with red accents complement each other very nicely and your movement trays are excellent as well.

This detachment of Milites and skirmishers along with the flags and shields will give John a tidy 94 points. Well done!