Monday, February 18, 2013

From ScottB: 15mm WWII German Tigers (28 points)

From Scott:
I managed to get the decals done so Tigers are finished. 
The Tiger I. The most iconic tank of WWII to my mind!
Plastic Soldier Company 15mm for FoW. The kits are excellent and goes together well, with several choices for the variant.
I went with the MidWar themed tank as I play MidWar onwards, and also I just don't like the look of the LateWar period wheels! 
Painted in the typical 3 tone camo pattern, which puts it roughly mid 1943 onwards... perfect for Kursk style engagements...
So 4 big kitties done for my Wehrmacht forces, should hopefully give Ivan something to think about on the eastern front... if only I can fit them into my army list, they're darned expensive in points!
Got more work done on my Hobbit goblins, they're coming on well.

That is a lovely 'pride' of Big Cats you have there Scott! Again, you've done them justice with your excellent camo work. 

These four Tigers will give Scott 28 points. Well done!


  1. What Curt said, they are lovely and the camo really works, not too overdone.
    They will give Ivan something to think about, but you're right, you can never have too many of them.

  2. Excellent work Scott. Love the big cats!

  3. Now i like these BIG CATS... cracking job

  4. These are purrfect (sorry could not help myself)



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