Monday, October 17, 2016

Part II - Epic 30K Adeptus Mechanicus Project

Here are a few more units to add to my Mechanicus force for Epic 30K. Today we have some Tech-Thralls, Krios Battle Tanks, Tech Priests and a trio of imposing Imperial Knights.

Tech-Thralls are basically penal cyborg units whose 'organics' are sourced from criminals and other undesirables. Their minds are wiped, augmetics installed and then they serve as marionettes to the Tech-Priests. One would think that the rates of recidivism are quite low amongst Imperial planets...
Tech-Thralls with their Tech-Priest minders.

Next up are the Krios Battle Tanks. These are wonderful little models with a very Great War utilitarian look about them. I particularly like the short-barreled 'Venator' variant with it's rather baroque looking gun shield.

Here are a few command stands for the force. Two Tech-Priests and the Big Guy who signs the cheques: the creepy, gold carapaced Magos-Prime. 

Finally we have the Knights. The Games Workshop backstory to the Imperial Knights is so incredibly impenetrable that I'll simply say that they originate from neo-feudal warrior societies which have close affiliations to the Adeptus Mechanicus. Silly fluff aside, the reason I've done up some of them is that the Knights are just so freakin' cool. I mean really, who can deny giant robots festooned with guns, chainswords and lances?

Questorious Kight-Magaera in Mechanicus Colours

There are a bewildering array of Knight designs, each constructed for a particular type of combat and each with their own specialized weapon loadouts. These guys here are called Questorious Knight-Magaera. 

Knight with soon-to-be-flattened Tech-Thrall.
They are armed with a Lightning Cannon and Hekaton Siege Claw(?!) Whatever. They look badass. Even though they probably should be in their own 'knightly livery' I decided to keep them in theme with the rest of the force, so red, steel and brass it was. I think I need a few more of these with differing weapon bits... 

Well, there you have it, folks. I have just a few more units to complete and this force will be done. 

Oh, on a completely unrelated note, some people have been asking me for updates on what I've been up to with the 3d printer With this in mind, I've put up a widget on the right sidebar which I'll try to keep updated with pics of my silly craft projects.

Have a great week everyone!