Friday, February 17, 2023

A Two-Seat Jalopy for Mad Maximillian 1934

Here is my third car for Mad Maximillian 1934. This time out we have a two-seat flyer with a twin-linked gun position in the rear. I know, how wonderfully barmy.

This kit was good fun to assemble. Granted, the rear gun position was a tad fiddly to align the crewman and his two Lewis guns to the gun tub, but a little pre-planning and dry fitting did the trick, with it all coming together just fine. 

With the time-honoured knowledge that the best thing to accessorize a machine-gun is, well, with another machine gun, so I added a forward-firing Maxim next to the driver so she had something that could throw out a little brass and lead.

I airbrushed the body with two blue gradients and then gave it some French-themed decals as a counterpoint to my British and Italian cars.

I guess with three cars we could technically have a race, but I'd like to see if I can do up a couple more so everyone in our group can have a ride.

Thanks for dropping by for a look. Have a great weekend!

- Curt