Sunday, October 1, 2023

28mm Shogunate Japanese Terrain - Cottage and Small Barn

Hey There,

I've been reading an early draft of Sidney's 'Until the Last Sword is Drawn' along with the newly released 'Hamatsu', and so felt a desperate need to do up some Japanese terrain. 

I've had this kit from 4Ground for YEARS. In fact, I picked it up at SALUTE probably a decade ago and it's been 'seasoning' ever since. Anyway, I girded my loins for the coming struggle, but managed to talk Lady Sarah into helping me (using my Jedi Tom Sawyer spiel), so we had a nice weekend afternoon putting these two buildings together.  :) 

I even managed to get through my part of the assembly process without saying any bad words. Now, that's iron discipline. (Okay, I may have muttered a few, but it was under the table when looking for dropped parts, and I don't think anyone heard...)

Love the Boris hair roof, but it's even better after a good coat of water mixed with PVA. Somebody really should tell him. 

Sigh, I miss 4Ground. Their stuff was sooo well designed. 

Nothing much to say about these as they're pretty basic, but still, they were a joy to build. I may give them a wash and highlight, but really they look pretty serviceable as is, and will be a great addition to the Shogunate Japan collection.

Thanks for popping in!