Monday, January 4, 2016

Entry #3 to the AHPC: 28mm Landsknecht 'Handbuchse' Light Gun

I've been promising a Renaissance-themed submission for a while and so here it is. 

This an example of an early heavy rifled musket, sometimes called a 'Handbuchse'. These tripod mounted guns were often too cumbersome and slow for field engagements but would be utilized during sieges, assumably to pick off defenders and make a general nuisance of themselves. I had an opportunity to see one of these weapons close-up on display in Les Invalides in Paris and marveled at what must have been the bravery of its crew. From examining the contraption, its gunners must have been in as much danger from it flying apart as to those they were supposedly shooting at. The risks of being on the cusp of cutting edge technology, I suppose.

These figures are a mix from both Warlord Games and the now defunct Pro Gloria Miniatures (Warlord bought the range a few years ago). 

I recruited a Master Gunner from Warlord's Pike & Shotte range and re-purposed him for this vignette as I liked his pose.

He has a technician/alchemist air about him.

I imagine him as a Spaniard mercenary gunner in Imperial pay who has dropped by to help his German friends sight their 'silly Teutonic popgun'. 

The two Landsknecht and the light gun are pretty much stock from the kit, except for a  bit of careful bending and re-positioning for the vignette.

I thought I'd indulge myself with an autumnal setting for these boys as I thought it worked with their colourful garb. Hmm. I sort of like it and am thinking I might maintain it as the theme for my developing Renaissance collection - we'll see. 

'Rodrigo, get that blasted thing out of my face... Niles! Wait! No, not yet you fool!!'