Monday, August 24, 2020

Second Group of Heroes for Blackstone Fortress


Hi All!

Whew, it's been a hot one in the prairies these past few weeks. To be honest I really don't mind as I know we'll be complaining about the cold before we know it. I just wish we could bottle up this heat up and dole it out over the winter...

Okay! Here are another four intrepid adventurers from the Blackstone Fortress base set. Today we have:

Amallyn Shadowguide the Eldar Ranger.

UR-025, the mysterious robot with a dark (and very ancient) past.

Pious Vorne, the loonbag Imperial cult acolyte sporting her favourite accessory, a chainsaw/flamethrower(!).

And, Rein & Raus, the intrepid twin Ratling scouts.

Similar to the last batch, I kept these to an hour each for painting as I wanted to get them ready for gaming in a timely fashion. Most turned out okay, but a few suffered by the rushed brushwork (the the off-white armour of Amallyn and UR-025 look incredibly bland here - there is some shading there, honest!). Nevertheless, they're done and ready for mayhem in the Fortress. 

Speaking of which, next up I'll feature some of the nasty denizens of Blackstone Fortress.

Have a great week everyone!