Sunday, January 1, 2012

From FranL: 20mm WWII Bedford Trucks and Command Jeep (48 points)

Fran, not wanting Ray to get any airs of superiority in his current lead, has submitted these four 3-ton Bedford trucks (lorries) and a jeep carrying a set of jaunty officers.

The Bedfords are 20mm scale from Frontline Wargaming while the Jeep is from Skytrex.

This set will net Fran 48 points which will help reset the imbalance to his universe. Well done!

From TimB: 28mm Ancient Greeks, Bromhead & WWI Canadians (45 points)

Tim sends along another excellent group of figures covering several periods of history.

First is a group of five Ancient Greek light spearmen. A base for DBA and two mounted individually for skirmish gaming (one with a horn).  These are 28mm Crusader Miniature castings. 

The next is a couple of 28mm figures from Trent Miniatures  "Gonville Bromhead: Fact and Film" sculpted by the talented Mark Copplestone.

And finally a duo of 28mm Great War late-war Canadians. The one with the shotgun is from Great War Miniatures, the one on the right with the Lewis Gun is from Renegade Miniatures. Lovely work, Tim!

These lads will give Tim 45 points to add to his roster.

From ChristoperS: 15mm WWII Shermans (50 Points)

Christopher starts his opening gambit with this very fine Sherman platoon that he will be using for 'Flames of War'.

These are 15mm Battlefront castings of the M4A1 variant of the ubiquitous Sherman tank.

Christopher has done a great job of weathering the hulls of these little beasts. He used the MIG Productions line of weathering pigments and powders. I quite like the rust effect he has achieved with these.

These five tanks will give Christopher 50 points on his road to glory (I added a little extra for the weathering, stowage, decals, etc.).

His next batch will be either Confederate ACW or their close cousins...Samurai. Focus, Christopher! Focus!

From SteveM: 15mm WWII German Sturmkompanie (270 points)

Experiencing a little painting fatigue, Steve staggers in with another force for 'Flames of War', a late-war German Sturmkompanie.

From Steve: These troops are from the 78th Sturm Division. The Sturmkompanie fought on the eastern front against the Soviets. They saw combat from Moscow to Kursk and guarded the critical point at Orsha. They were an assault force with lots of heavy weapons to ward of Soviet tanks and infantry hordes. Heavy use of machines guns, panzerfausts, panzerschreks, lots of guys.

These have the camo smocks, but most of them are rolled up and on the backs with the German fieldgrau uniforms showing. The snipers were hidden in the grass wearing them.

These are 15mm Battlefront castings. Steve uses Vallejo paints and then Strong Tone Quickshade. The tufts have been sourced from Tajima1.

This group of 90 figures will give Steve an impressive 270 points. Well done, Steve, they look great!

I think the next thing Steve will be working on is some figures for 'Force on Force'.