Sunday, January 15, 2012

From SteveM: 15mm Afrika Korps Armour - 'Rommel's Rides' (36 points)

Steve sends in two command armoured vehicles for his Afrika Korps collection. 

First is an early Panzer 38t in dessert yellow. Rommel is perched high in the cupola taking in the sights of Tunisia. 'Hey, guys, its just like France except without the water, trees and a patisserie every 20 yards.'

Next up is Rommel next to his command halftrack 'Greif' accompanied by his trusty staff officers. There's a soldier in the halftrack that Steve says is near the MG34 to provide protection if need be. Actually, I think he's in there preparing a cappuccino for The Big Guy (double shot, half-calf on the de-caf and, oh, no-foam).

Both of these 15mm models are from Battlefront - Steve added brass rod for the antenna on each. 

I quite like the weathering Steve did on the armour, especially being able to see patches of panzer grey peeking through the yellow. Nice job.

These two vehicles alone give Steve a base of 16 points but I'm adding an extra 20 for the command figures, detailing and groundwork, so 36 total. Great work, Steve!

From MichaelF: 28mm Vikings

Michael is back from being on a trip for the past several weeks and sends in this beautiful group of Viking warriors.

All the figures, except the fellow holding up the axe (who is from Foundry), are from Artizan Designs. I really like the muted tones Michael achieved with the fabrics. The striped trews are particularly excellent.

Michael has based these for use with Gripping Beast/Studio Tomahawk's popular SAGA set of rules.

These boys will give Michael 25 points to add to his total.