Monday, February 5, 2024

10mm Warhammer Fantasy Goblins

For the past few years our local gaming group has been using a fantasy variant of  'To the Strongest' for our 'Old World' of Warhammer games. We've been enjoying a hotly contested map campaign since last spring which is now drawing to its nail-biting conclusion. The hustle-bustle of the campaign has encouraged us to add units to our existing forces, and as a result here we have the Goblins benefitting from this surge in industry on my part. All the models are from Green Skin Miniatures.

In our campaign the Goblins are the spoiler force, run by the GM (me) to add a bit of friction to the players' plans. The little blighters invariably get creamed, but its always fun to see them in action. 

Any self-respecting Goblin commander knows that he needs hordes of infantry, so here we have two fresh mobs of Night Goblins to bolster the Greenskin line of battle.

The combination of 10mm figures and larger bases allowed me to have a little fun in composing the units. As Night Goblins like to imbibe on trippy mushrooms from time to time (meaning ALL the time), I thought a cluster here and there of narcotic fungi would be apropos. 

The next Night Goblin regiment is benefitting from the enthusiastic support of a Snotling Pump Wagon. (If 'support' means getting crushed into red paste by a huge spiked roller.) With friends like these, who needs... Well, nevermind.

So, if one Snotling Pump Wagon is good then a whole unit must be the cat's pyjamas.  Toot! Toot! Parp! Parp!

A battery of Bolt Throwers keen to miss everything they aim at and perhaps hit something they didn't.

Goblin wolf riders doing, you know, wolfy and ridery things.

A horde of hungry Squigs being cajoled and chivied along by their Night Goblin overseers. I had a bit of fun printing squigs in various scales to give the unit more of a unformed look.

And finally, a Goblin commander proudly watching his horde (just before it breaks down into internecine bickering and complete chaos).   

Thanks for popping by!

- Curt