Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From JohnM: 20mm Vickers Armstrong Light Tank & Finnish Support Weapon Teams (84 points)

From John:
Winter War Finns Support Weapons
One of the aspects of 'Chain of Command' that I really enjoy is selecting support options for the basic platoon, lot of fun and offers a lot of flexibility. I was lucky with the Warmodelling (Fantassin), in that they really have put together a rather complete force. I generally try to select something from each list. List One is usually pretty straight forward and includes things like giving a Molotov to each section, or providing entrenchments for one team.
From List Three I have put together a 25mm Hotchkiss AT Gun with 5 crew and a Junior leader, as well as five man Maxim MMG and Boyes AT rifle teams. The 25 mm gun is from SHQ. I think it is a little undersized, especially the gun barrel.
From List Four, we have a Vickers Armstrong Mk B. This model is also from SHQ miniatures. I enjoyed painting the Finnish flag on the turret. 
Finally from List Five, I have done a 8cm mortar. This is of course off table in Chain of Command with just the FO on the table.
I have already made some comments about  these miniatures, I understand that Eureka also has some Winter War Finns in 20 mm, this line is certainly not as complete as the Warmodelling range. The trees are from Gale Force Nine are 1/100 scale rather then 1/76 scale but they will do. GF9 certainly has lots of nice accessories for winter wargaming and I am sure I will buy some more.

I've always liked the SHQ range and these models don't disappoint, especially with the fine work you've put into them John. 

I have these tree sets from GF9 and like them as well. Remember John, there is no real 'scale' when it comes to trees...

These Fins will give John 84 points. Great work.

From TimB: Shaolin Monks, Yakusa, Demons & Dwarves (70 points)

From Tim:
A few odds and bits and parts of things I didn't quite get done in time - most of these are parts of forces for A Fistful of Kung Fu that I'd hoped to get done by the end of the Challenge - in fact most of them I've been sitting on for over a week (or two, in some cases) thinking I WOULD finish the forces and be able to post them all together... but I'm just not going to be able to. First I switched gears to get the Jacobite Highlanders done for the Last Stand entry. Then I switched gears again to crank out a few units for another project for my final entry (coming up) because... well... they'd be easier to paint and I'm a fair bit off my challenge goal and I would actually like to get SOMEWHAT close to my challenge goal.
These are the Shaolin Monks from the North Star Miniatures "Martial Arts Heroes" set. There's another five dudes that need to be finished up in this force. 
This lot is from the North Star Miniatures "Yakusa" set - there's only two left to finish up... which one would think I totally could have gotten done... but the last two have bare body bits I feel compelled to cover with yakusa-style tattoos... and that would take a bit more work... 
This lot is from the North Star Miniatures "Demons" set - this is the Minor Demon "Bruiser" and some Human Demon worshiper "extras" - which I've painted like the Wing Kong from Big Trouble in Little China. 
Finally - nothing at all to do with A Fistful of Kung Fu - a pair of dwarves. The fella is from West Wind Productions Dwarf Wars line, and the lass is an old Citadel Minatures pre-slotta base era  miniature I picked up off ebay a while back. 
The backs of said dwarves to show off their tartan... because I apparently didn't paint ENOUGH tartan last week... 

Cool beans Tim! Those Yakusa are fabulous minis and the grimacing dwarf makes me laugh aloud. 

These figures will give Tim 70 points. Great work Tim but now I see the stonking entry of your's coming up... Eek!

From KevH: 20mm Saracen Infantry and Cavalry (488 points)

...and the titanic struggle for 2nd place in the points roster continues into the night...

From Kev:
Well, we are nearly there. This will probably be my final entry. If I do get anything else finished, it may appear, but unlikely.
This lot is all Saracens (Ayubids). All 1/72 scale by either Strelets or HaT. This nearly completes the army, I only need some light cavalry units that I will add when I purchase or convert them.
First up are the last of the infantry. Another Ghazi Fanatic Warband, once again in the black garb (24 figures)

Two Light Infantry Bow units to add to the earlier one I did. (16 figures) 

And two small skirmish units with Javelins (6 figures).

Then at last the Cavalry. Two units of Mamluk Heavy Cavalry with Bows, (12 Mounted figures)

Two units of Mamluk Heavy Cavalry with Spears, (12 Mounted Figures)

One unit of Turks Heavy Cavalry with Spears, (6 mounted figures)

Two Divisional Command stands, (4 mounted figures)

and what better to finish on than "Camels" Well everyone has done them, or so it seems. A small unit of Camel riders with bows (4 mounted figures). Quite a few are conversions.

I will have to take a pic of both the Crusader and Saracen armies.
Well, thats me done I think. It's in the lap of the gods now...

Holy cow! That is an amazing entry Kev and such beautiful work. Those Ghazi Fanatics are still the bomb and I'm glad you managed to get some camels into the mix - all the cool kids are doing them y'know. :)

These Saracens will give Kev 488 points, slipping him past Dave in the final run into the finishing straight... The mind just boggles at the points being broadsided at this rarified upper atmosphere...

From PaulJ: Ned on Pennyfarthing & Challenge Desperado (26 points)

From Paul:
First up is a Pennyfarthing mounted Scout for my Royal Navy Armoured Landing Party for In Her Majesty's Name.  His extra mobility allows him to slip past more slovenly adversaries and beat the other chaps back to the bar after the battle! 28mm fig by Eureka Miniatures.

And for what is likely to be my last entry for the Challenge, here is my entry figure.   I was intending to do a Cross of Iron character but a certain person who lives close by to me is doing one of those so I went a different way.  So in keeping with the Western theme here is a rugged Mountain man. 

I wanted a particular style of figure so converted this chap with his bandoliers of ammo and of course he has a beard, because beards are awesome and clearly will make this guy much better in any game.  28mm fig by Eureka Miniatures - hope you like him Curt!

Haha! You're absolutely right Paul, beards are awesome. A prerogative of every man, but only chosen by the elite it seems. They place a man a whisker (or two) ahead of any baby-faced wastrel. :)

Ned on a Pennyfarthing is brilliant! I have a few of the Eureka 'Pig Sticker' figures and they are truly wonderfully characterful sculpts.

Thank you so much for the Rifleman, but I have one request: Can you give him a ginger beard? It will serve as a further reminder of his provenance.  :) 

Ned and the Mountain Man will give Paul 26 points. Great work and thanks again!

From KevinS: 28mm WWII German Armour (80 points)

From Kevin:
More submissions from me as we race to the finish line.  I've been working on these 28mm vehicles off and on for a couple of months.  They represent my first use of an airbrush too. 
I can't deny that the finish is incredibly smooth and crisp, but its definitely a different way of painting to my normal style.  
Here you'll find armored vehicles camouflaged for Late War Western Europe: one Bolt Action US M-10 Tank destroyer with three crew (actually more like 1.5 crew given that you only see the top half of the figs); 
one West Wind "Berlin or Bust" Panther with commander; one West Wind "Berlin or Bust" Sherman; and one West Wind "Berlin or Bust" Sdkfz halftrack.  
The Bolt Action and West Wind miniatures seem to mix in well, although I'm not sure if West Wind's 28mm Krauts could squeeze into their Sdkfz with any degree of comfort.  
The big question remaining on my painting table: will I finally finish the Early War Old Contemptibles I began at the beginning of the painting challenge?

Thanks for your herculean efforts this long dark Winter.

Nice work Kevin! Funny enough I've never tried using an airbrush but I really should give it a go sometime. You just can't beat it for a smooth finish on these larger models. I really like the crew in the M10 as it always reminds me of both the size of these vehicles and the vulnerability of crews. 

These four vehicles and their crews will give Kevin 80 points. Great job.

From ByronM: 28mm French Napoleonic Infantry Battalion (161 points)

From Byron:
One of the items I wanted to get done for this years painting challenge was a unit of Napoleonic figures.  It started a few years back with Curt and Greg’s lovely French and Austrian figures and seeing how great ranked up models looked.  After playing a few games with them I jokingly said to Curt that I would have to paint up a unit at some point so that I could contribute to a game.  I know, huge contribution…. one lowly unit, but hey, you have to start someplace.
So, when this years challenge came around I revisited the thought and decided to do a unit of French line infantry.  Having some French blood and since the Napoleonic period history wise was arguably the last time the French were a real world power, I chose them.  Also I can simply blame the French rather than my own inept gameplay or strategic choices if something goes wrong.  Sounds like a good plan, right? 
Anyway, here is my recreation of the 28th French Line Regiment.  It is made up of 29 foot infantry and 1 mounted officer.  All of the foot infantry are Perry plastics which were extremely simple to work with and like up and very easy to clean.  They are a little static, but being ranked up, thats probably a really good thing, since I still have nightmares from trying to rank up some Games Workshop Fantasy units.  The mounted officer is a metal Foundry figure.  I also shelled out for a banner from the Flag Dude, which is just amazing, I am so happy I ordered that rather than attempt to form one myself.  For the price, it saved hours of cursing at a banner.
I followed the same basing standard as Curt and Greg, mounting 4 to a stand and 8 (6 in this case due to a mounted officer) on the central stand.
They are not perfect, and some spots are a bit rough, and I know for a fact I probably made some mistakes on the uniform, I feel they are good enough for a solid gaming standard.  I may go back and clean up some of the brushwork at a later point, but for now…. They are done.
They took a lot of time and effort, being completely unfamiliar with the uniforms of the period.  All I can say is, why did the french have to be so vain?  Why not simple uniforms? All that piping and trim, what a pain….
Oh, and a big thank you to Curt, for putting up with all my questions about the uniforms.

Oh wow, Byron, this battalion is freakin' gorgeous. I think you're beating yourself up being too much of a perfectionist. I'd be absolutely delighted to have this battalion in my collection. 

The thing to remember about painting Napoleonics in large scale is not to sweat the details. Sure, it's wonderful to slavishly delve into the fetishistic details of the period's uniforms, but once you see these fine fellows along with 12-20 other battalions then it becomes the 'forrest, not the trees' which provides the greatest impression to the viewer. 

Like I said before, 'Can I have them?' ;)

Seriously, I look forward to them being brigaded with my lads next time we get together.

This wonderful battalion of Napoleon's Grande Armee will give Byron 161 points. Again, beautiful work.

From RobP: 28mm AWI British Infantry (43 points)

From Rob:
So we are nearing the end of the Painting Challenge... I have managed to squeeze in some extra painting time to complete one more group of figures; unfortunately just too late for last saturday's game with Jacco... However, still in time for the Challenge deadline.. 
Here we have a group of 9 AWI Brits; painted as light infantry for use in Muskets and Tomahawks.. All figures are Foundry except for the officer which is Perry.
It has been great fun painting during the Challenge once my painting dip at the start was over.. A little bit more planning would have been helpful but then again... every chaos creates its own order.
Wonderful stuff has gone by on the blog with some impressive amounts of minis painted: a deep bow to you all!! 
And of course to the Great Master of Schemes, Curt himself, for putting in the effort and all the hard work for keeping the Challenge running. You have certainly earned your first beer when you are over here in May... 

Ah, and I will certainly take you up on that libation Rob - I look very much forward to it.

A great final effort across the finish line Rob! These fellow look very fine (love the wide-brimmed hats) I look forward to reading the AAR of that game you had with Jacco on Mike's blog. 

This group of British infantry will give Rob 43 points. Good job!

From JohnM: 28mm AWI British Infantry (55 points)

From John:
British Infantry for French Indian War
These 11 figures bring up my British colonial force for Muskets and Tomahawks to over 400 points. Like my previous FIW miniatures these are from Conquest Miniatures, also sold by Warlord Games. Again very nice figures, well proportioned and almost anatomic in nature. A bit more flash than usual and only 3 different sculpts, unlike the other figures they sell, which are all different. Rank and file, I suppose.

They were primed white and painted completely with Citadel paints and washes. I am quite happy how they came out.

Well we are to the end of the contest and I think I am going to be just shy of my 1500 point goal. I thought I might have a chance as I have one more submission that is almost done and I was cunningly planning another to just push me over the top, but I just figured out that the contest ends tomorrow night, not Thursday night. Very tricky..........when I saw the deadline date I presumed the contest was over the end of the day on the 20th March, I just realized that it finishes 1 minute into the 20th if I have it right. Should never presume anything, but anyway I was getting tired and if I can get this last submission off I will be happy!
Yes, I think I may have sucker-punched a few people with the deadline... Sorry for that John!

Oh, these are very tasty. I quite like the bright yellow facings and turnbacks - quite natty me thinks! 

These  lads will give John 55 points. Nice!

From RobH: 28mm 'Safari into Danger' (100 points)

From Rob:

Here is the Safari into Danger! It was to be my entry for the Non-Combatants round, last year, but I wasn't quite finished with it, and so they've sat on the painting table to the end of the painting competition. Now, here they are.
Sir Nathaniel Grey. - A distant relative of the Earl and Lady Grey, Sir Nathaniel had a distinguished career in Her Majesty's 56th Regiment of Foot before retiring to explore the Darkest Continent at the behest of the Royal Geographic Society. Having spent much of the last decade in Africa, he is much in demand as a guide to those seeking passage through Kenya, Deutsch-Ostafrika and Equatoria.
Grafin Augusta von Pfeilmacher - Cousin to the Kaiser, and the aunt of the current commander of Wissmanntruppe forces in this part of Deutsch-Ostafrika, Herr Major Joachim von Vogel. A world renowned traveler and adventuress, she has decided to visit her nephew as part of her journeys to Equatoria and Parts Unknown. Since her usual travelling companions are unavailable, she has joined the caravan led by Sir Nathaniel, accompanied by three porters she enlisted in Bagamayo - Mosi, Chiumbo and Mwenye. Where she goes, trouble often follows.
The Reverend and Mrs. Lovejoy - The Reverend Peter Lovejoy has been a staple of the English Bible Society mission efforts. Having long served as the chair of the Society's fundraising efforts in Wales and the West Country, the Reverend and his wife Rebecca have been dispatched to the missions on Lake Victoria and Equatoria to take station after the loss of Bishop Harrington. They seek to spread the Good News of the Bible and the red Book of Common Prayer, and to counter the influence of both the rival Scottish missionaries, with their dour Presbyterianism, and the Catholic influence of the French, German and Belgian nuns. Here, they take a moment to try their various styles on Dejen.
Hamid - Hamid is, to all appearances, ever ready to tend to the needs of his thirsty master in Deutsch-Ostafrika. Originally part of Herr Major von Vogel's household, he has agreed to his master's request to serve as majordomo to Grafin Augusta. Whether his ears are open, and whether he is in the service of other masters, especially the shadowy British Intelligence Directorate, can neither be confirmed nor denied.
The Porters - Thirteen porters accompany the party as they travel through the savannah and on to Equatoria. Mosi, Chiumbo and Mwenye are in the service of Grafin Augusta, carrying her hatboxes and other garments. Jumaane and Otieno carry the baggage of the Lovejoys, while Kato and Tewodros schlep crates full of Bibles and Books of Common Prayer. Tafari, Jengo, Gwandova, Dejen, Kirabo and Masamba are carrying various trade goods and bribes to ensure safe passage for Sir Nathaniel and party. 

All are 28mm Foundry sculpts. The Reverend Lovejoy, EBS, is the "Doctor Zwingili" figure from Traders and Travellers - DA017. Mrs. Rebecca Lovejoy and Aunt Augusta are both from Deadlier than the Male - DA016 (nice bit of Kipling there); Mrs. Rebecca Lovejoy is the "Agnes Day" figure, and Aunt Augusta is "Mimi."  Sir Nathaniel Grey is the "David Livingstone" figure from Men of Substance - DA011, and Hamid comes from the pack Askari Characters - DA014, "Sir Garnet." The porters are all from the Bearer's packs - DA021 and DA023. They were painted in my standard three-part shade/main color/highlight, except I experimented with using washes on some of the bearers to get darker skin colors. I left the bases plain, since I'm not certain quite how I want to finish the bases beyond this.

Wow! I love how fully realized your adventure safari is. Rob, is this part of an existing campaign or something coming up? It would be an absolute blast to role-play.

'Safari into Danger" will give Rob 100 points, with a bit extra added for the great setting!  This in turn will give Rob enough points to meet his Challenge goal. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your safari with us Rob!