Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From PaulJ: Ned on Pennyfarthing & Challenge Desperado (26 points)

From Paul:
First up is a Pennyfarthing mounted Scout for my Royal Navy Armoured Landing Party for In Her Majesty's Name.  His extra mobility allows him to slip past more slovenly adversaries and beat the other chaps back to the bar after the battle! 28mm fig by Eureka Miniatures.

And for what is likely to be my last entry for the Challenge, here is my entry figure.   I was intending to do a Cross of Iron character but a certain person who lives close by to me is doing one of those so I went a different way.  So in keeping with the Western theme here is a rugged Mountain man. 

I wanted a particular style of figure so converted this chap with his bandoliers of ammo and of course he has a beard, because beards are awesome and clearly will make this guy much better in any game.  28mm fig by Eureka Miniatures - hope you like him Curt!

Haha! You're absolutely right Paul, beards are awesome. A prerogative of every man, but only chosen by the elite it seems. They place a man a whisker (or two) ahead of any baby-faced wastrel. :)

Ned on a Pennyfarthing is brilliant! I have a few of the Eureka 'Pig Sticker' figures and they are truly wonderfully characterful sculpts.

Thank you so much for the Rifleman, but I have one request: Can you give him a ginger beard? It will serve as a further reminder of his provenance.  :) 

Ned and the Mountain Man will give Paul 26 points. Great work and thanks again!


  1. Love Ned on a Pennyfarthing. I think I have one myself... somewhere...

  2. What the Ned?! What a funky Ned Kelly.
    Beards....If your Dad has no Beard, then you have two mums.
    Just what I heard is all.

  3. Fab work Paul

    Ned on a penny-farthing. Whatever next?

  4. Super work mate. Eureka make some cracking minis, especially the left field stuff.

  5. Both are nicely done, but I like the cowboy more. Beard aside, it looks as though you could slap his back and raise a LOS blocking puff of dust! ;)

  6. This Pennyfarthing thingy is just great! I simply love it.


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