Sunday, March 18, 2012

From DaveD: 'Do Carry On With Your Mud Pies...' Lt. Gonville Bromhead and Pat Garrett (10 points)

Dave slips in these two character figures for your viewing enjoyment. The first is Gonville Bromhead, one of the two officers commanding the storied defence of Rorke's Drift.

The other figure with the fancy pin-striped trousers and hand cannon depicts the chequered lawman, Pat Garrett, the man who killed Billy the Kid.

Both of these 28mm figures are from Black Scorpion Miniatures.

These two characters will give Dave 10 points, chipping him ever-closer to the 2K mark. Lovely work, Dave.

From IanW: 15mm Renaissance Camp Followers, Ancients Base Camp and 6mm Wagons

Ian, showing he's been cracking these past few day, shows us a great medley of figures as we near the end of the Challenge.

From Ian:
I supply a stand of 3 figures, 15mm Fri Korps Camp Followers from forever ago. Bought them and part painted them 20+ years ago. Took them back down to metal and painted them up in about two hours, will be part of my FoG Ren camp when I get the rules. This is for the lady contest, she brought her kids for support.

Next is two wagons in 6mm I bought off e-bay in October or November, they are H&R

'Talking of camps, my ancients 15mm FoG camp finally got this painted up so will not have to field a sheet of plastic for Lee to sack. All figures are Magister, can you see the rude boy? The chickens should really all be one colour but I could not resist painting my chickens and as we have three different breeds well... I hope you can see that the camp is pulling away from one side as a scratch guard (and rude boy) try to delay the attack. Had a great deal of fun putting this together.'

'Last up is the German Sniper markers. These 11 add to the 4 Germans already done. All 28mm and all but the P'Shreck and Flamethrower are Artizan, the others are Bolt Action.'

I think the flame effect on the flame thrower is excellent.

Excellent work, Ian! I really like your theme of a camp in the midst  of 'bugging out' - nice job. This group will give Ian 117 points, enough to pip me back a position! I shake my fist!

From JohnM: 28mm Prussian Napoleonic Infantry (120 points)

John sends in this great Prussian Napoleonic unit depicting the 1st Battalion of the 1st Regiment of Landwehr of the Elbe.

These 28mm figures are from the excellent Calpe range. Flag is by Flag Dude.

I've always liked the soft caps that many of the Landwehr units wore. I think they look very smart with the large Maltese cross and piping on the crown.

I've always liked the soft caps that many of the Landwehr units wore. I think they look very smart with the large Maltese cross and piping.

This unit will give John 120 points. Very well done!

From ChristopherS: 15mm Mameluks (100 points)

Here is a beautiful group of Mameluks sent in from Christopher.

'My latest entry into the competition is the Mamluks and are the elite of my 15mm Ayyubid army for Impetus. They began as slave soldiers before eventually taking Nobles into their ranks were some even became Sultan! They were not just deadly archers, but were equally hard in close quarter fighting and in a large part defeated both the Crusaders and Mongols to give some perspective of their qualities for those perhaps not familiar with them.'

'Once again Legio Heroica figures painted up using Foundry paints. The Banner is from LBM with some small added trimming by myself.'

I'm hoping I can add one more unit before the competition ends, but that's probably a long shot!

C'mon Christopher, dig deep! I really like how colourful and bright these cavalry are - they just 'pop' against Christopher's arid groundwork. Very nice. These will give him a base of 90 points, but I'm adding a 10 more for nice detailing in the horse tack and shields.