Saturday, February 11, 2012

From ChrisP: 28mm Greek Hoplites for SAGA (60 points)

Chris sends in this great group of 28mm Greek Hoplites for use with his brilliant mod for SAGA.

From Chris:

'Here we have 12 Greek Hoplites from Immortal Miniatures. Transfers came from Immortal too, and were an absolute pain as they had to be trimmed to fit (naturally I realised this after trying to do a couple at once)

They were really good to paint, lovely miniatures. I really like the whole Greek golden age- I did a whole uni degree in Classics because I liked it so much! The Odyssey and the Illiad were read many, many times during the degree!

I have based them up for the SAGA ruleset, a local guy here has written up some rules for using SAGA for the Trojan War, we think that it will represent the Warlord with a warband style rules quite well. (rules are here and here I am really looking forward to getting into it, we have 3 factions prepared so far, Myrmidons, Trojans and Ithacans. I will be using the Myrmidons, the famed warriors of Achilles. So what I have here is 1.5 points of Warriors, the next 12 are already on the painting desk! After the next unit of Warriors, then it will be time to paint Achilles himself, as well as his retinue of elite hoplites!

These guys are the "green" unit- all tied together with a green colour so I can tell the units apart on the battlefield. I am also preparing some sabot bases so I can use these hoplites in Impetvs.'

Very creative modification, Chris, and a great looking unit of hoplites as well. I look forward to trying your ideas out.

These 12 hoplites will give Chris 60 points. Nice one!

From RayR: 15mm French & Indian Wars Limbers, Caissons, Wagons and Guns (678 points)

Ray sends in this very large and impressive assortment of caissons, limbers, wagons and artillery for his French and Indian Wars collection.

The 15mm wagons, carts and caissons are from Hallmark.

Ray is missing three guns from this British artillery group. He's wondering if Fran is somehow behind them having gone AWOL...

Here is the French artillery with their distinctive red-painted limbers and guns.

All the 15mm limbers and horses are from Essex whereas the guns are a mixture of Essex, Frei Corps and QFR.

There is no doubt about it, this was a HUGE submission from Ray. There are 86 horses, 46 limbers, wagons and caissons and 24 guns. All tallied this give him 678 points! EEP! Wow, excellent work, Ray! This firmly places Ray in second place - well done!