Sunday, March 19, 2023

'Toot! Toot! Parp! Parp!' 10mm Steam Tanks

Hey There!

Another day, another unit of wee Empire guys to add to my slowly growing army. Today's reinforcement is a trio of Steam Tanks, fresh from the artificers and foundries of Nuln.

I have a soft spot for the Steam Tank as one of these was the centerpiece of my Warhammer Empire army for many a year. Granted, it usually blew up spectacularly, but it was always entertaining to have puttering around on the tabletop.

While there are some lovely 3d prints for the Empire Steam tank, I still love the heft (however slight) of the white metal originals, so I ran with a handful of them instead.

I quite like that the base size for To the Strongest allows me to place three of these beasties chugging away. I figure a trio of them are a bit more imposing than just a single vehicle, especially with these massed units on the tabletop. 

And here are the steamtanks arrayed with the rest of the existing Empire contingent.

Have a great upcoming week, everyone!

- Curt