Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Entry #13 to the AHPC - For Valentines Day: 'Prendre la Température / To Test the Waters'

This was a bit rushed, but to celebrate Valentines I have for you 'Prendre la Température / To Test the Waters' (I think that's the right translation)

It's 1795, and we see a French Chasseur a Cheval watering some of his troop's horses in a small village. He is knocking out his pipe on his boot, admiring the local scenery. A fetching young lady, who is washing some of the regiment's laundry, has caught his eye and he thinks he might 'test the waters'.

Nonetheless, the young miss has two chaperons nearby who are definitely wise to the scenario. One is an old crone, smoking a pipe and keeping an eye on the dashing cavalryman. In fact, she can clearly remember that warm spring day in 1745, when those handsome hussars came swaggering into town (where do you think she got the pipe?). She know's what's afoot...

The other overseer is the girl's faithful dog, who can smell mischief a mile away, and is barking his head off to let everyone know it (those who know our pup 'Felix' will see a certain resemblance).

This charming 28mm vignette is offered by Eureka Miniatures, minus the fearless pooch who is from Westfalia. A wonderful set of figures that was a great fun to work on.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great week!