Monday, December 19, 2016

Italian Wars Spanish Jinete Light Cavalry

Here is a unit of Spanish Jinete (aka 'ginete' or 'genitour') light cavalry. These lads will serve that much needed reconnaissance/skirmish role in my Italian Wars collection.

These 28mm Perry plastics were painted by my magnificently bearded antipodean pal 'Kiwi', who did an absolutely terrific job with these lads. Thanks mate!

I've embellished them with a few highlights and gave the unit a bunch of the distinctive Jinete heart-shaped shields (sourced from The Assault Group). I also mocked up a Spanish cavalry flag for them after I shamefully discovered I had nothing in my stocks. 

I've based them up similar to my other cavalry, on irregular shaped bases with autumnal groundwork so they look like part of the family. Here they are leading-in a unit of Papal (no, not Paypal) gendarmes (and their baying hunting hounds!).

Next Up: My first entry to the 7th Annual Painting Challenge!