Sunday, May 19, 2013

Entry #6 to the Lead Painters' League: 'Citizens, We Must Feed the Revolution'

When I first saw this set of figures on the Eureka Miniatures website I knew I had to get them. They really have a certain charm about them - the young lass ardently kneading the dough with her bare feet, while her fellow citizens busily work it into loaves for the baker's oven. Bread to feed the hungry mouths of the Revolution!

I especially like her jaunty feathered bicorne and the men sporting their distinctive Liberty caps.

I've also included an industrious looking fellow sitting astride some sort of workhorse contraption. He's working on... I dunno, some manner of metalwork? Or perhaps he's a woodworker repairing some vital component of Monsieur Guillotine's Le Rasoir National.  You can almost hear some unfortunate aristocrat getting a 'haircut' in the distance accompanied by a refrain of La Marseillaise

Ah, spring in Paris...

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