Monday, December 26, 2016

Hogwarts in 1/4800(ish) scale

I got a new 3D printer a few weeks ago. This one is a SLA/DLP model, meaning it uses a stereolithographic projector to create three dimensional forms, layer by layer, from a vat of photo-sensitive resin. Each layer is around 20-50 microns thin so the detail and resolution is quite impressive. I know, it ranks fairly high on the geek-o-meter, but the short form of all this dorkiness is that it allows me to create and print out cool stuff at home.

As Christmas was approaching I decided to use the printer to create some bespoke gifts for friends. One of these gifts was a 3D model of Hogwarts that I got from the talented Ben L. over at Thingiverse and modified for my use. 

Here are a couple images of the two parts of my 1/4800 scale Hogwarts right after printing. You can see the build supports along their bases and, well, they're SUPER ORANGE.

Hogwarts Part II with Rebel Shield Generator (don't ask...)
After I cleaned them up and removed the supports, I primed and painted them using some images I found of the original Hogwarts movie model. 

I then based the two models together on the lid of a sweets jar, added some texture gel and finally set in some foam terrain for an autumnal feel. 

There, you go, Hogwarts in all its splendor replicated in 1:4800 scale by a complete Muggle (though I hope I'd be a Ravenclaw if I attended).  :)

Now I need to come up with a wee Hungarian Horntale to fly over it...