Sunday, February 5, 2012

From JohnB: 30mm Old School Napoleonics Polish Battalion from the Vistula Legion (150 points)

My friend John sculpts and casts his own figures in the classic 'Toy Soldier' style. (TimB is a good friend of John as well and his sculpting shares the same spirit, I think.) These are very cool and characterful miniatures, that look fabulous ranked up in their battalions. John's collection is vast as its is varied, and it is always a treat when he brings them out for a game.

These are 30mm sculpts but John also works in 40mm and larger. John has a soft spot for the smaller Napoleonic nations/contingents as their uniforms were quite interesting (sometimes bordering on the bizarre).

From John:

'I thought I'd make a showing in the Analogue Hobbies' painting contest. Here are 18 of my homemade Napoleonics in Old School 30mm. It is the first of six battalions I am going to do of the Vistula Legion, 1st and 2nd Regiments circa 1812. I know there are some uniform inaccuracies, but my figures are sort of generic as you know. I am certain that these brave Poles will be Alexander's most implacable foes. Inform Sylvain... The second battalion is already in the works.

Vive La Pologne Libree!
Jan Sobieski Bertolini'

Brilliant stuff! These eighteen lads will give John a base of 108 points but I'm going to bring it up to 150 as they are his own sculpts. After the Vistula Legion, I believe John is wanting to do a Napoleonic Swiss brigade which will be great to see. Welcome aboard John!

From ChristopherS: 28mm Aztec Warriors (45 points)

One of the aspects I am really enjoying about The Challenge is the wide variety of interests and historical subjects displayed by members of the group. A perfect example is Christopher's entry here, in which he sends in a beautiful stand of Aztec 'eagle knights' dressed in their very colourful and ornate armour.

These 28mm castings are from the now-deleted 28mm Foundry range of Aztecs. (I think there are many who sympathize with Christopher's aggravation with Foundry's inexplicable decision to discontinue entire groups of design-molds. I shake my head continually at the loss of variation in their current Napoleonic range that was there only a few years ago. This is not a question of burned-out moulds, as many of the deleted poses are clearly ancillary or, like these, from anachronistic periods. The fact that the owner of Foundry was also a past owner of Games Workshop seems to have a certain symmetry about it... )

These have been based for Impetus which encourages large, vignette-style stands of miniatures. From Christopher:

'The shields are all hand painted  and the back banner mount(not the banner itself) is self made. The piece is an attempt to show the Eagle warriors or should I say Eagle knights advancing over ancient overgrown ruins under the leadership of their captain seen with the large identifiable back banner. The steps and stones are again a creation of mine. Colours used were mostly Foundry with some Vallejo and the bushels/grass bushes are from Heki. (A note in that the Aztec captain was already a finished model that I did before and reworked to fit in with the rest of the warriors.)'

These six will give Christopher a base of 30 points, but I'm giving him an extra 15 for the great work on the shields and the overall composition of the base. Lovely stuff Christopher!