Wednesday, February 1, 2023

10mm Wood Elf Archers and Warhawk Riders

Hey there!

For a little change of pace this week I decided to add a few more units to my 10mm Wood Elf army which I laid the foundations for last year.

Included today are four units of archers along with a unit of warhawk riders.

It seems thematic that there should be scads of archers in an Elf army, especially elf archers nestled within a treeline - so here you go.

The pine trees are 3d prints. I like how they're a little chunky and abstract. I try to incorporate a bit of terrain with my bases as, in addition to adding a little visual interest, they also serve as a way for players to easily pick them up.

I had fun working on the feathers of the warhawks. I tried to keep it simple and relatively high-contrast.

Again, the tree-handle may help in their contact with Peter's over-enthusiastic digits. We'll see. :)

The figures here are all 3d prints from the very talented 'Forest Dragon'.

I'll be using these with M2, which is a clever fantasy variant of 'To The Strongest'. 

And to close, here's a pic of the collection as it stands. Other than a couple more command stands, I think I may have enough for an actual game - hooray!

Thanks for dropping in for a look and have a terrific day!

- Curt