Friday, January 3, 2014

From Millsy: Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia Dreadnought & Flyers (78 points)

Millsy performs the coup de grace on his Dystopian Wars project with this great entry.

From Millsy:
First up here's the Dreadnought for my Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia armada. She's painted in the same blue / bronze / white scheme as my surface other vessels. Quite a hefty lump of resin and lengthy paint job but certainly worth it.
Secondly, it is with great pleasure I announce the maiden flight of HM Royal Fleet Air Arm. The little ones are Doncaster Class Bombers, the mid-sized ones are Scout Class War Rotors and the large beasty is a Eagle Class War Rotor. The Doncasters are all metal whilst the rest are resin hulls and metal engines / guns. Why the bombers are smaller and less well armed than the scouts I'll never know.
One of the Scout Class War Rotors had the last 5mm or so broken off his tail by an overly enthusiastic factory worker. Whatever, it was snapped right off and an eyesore. Luckily, I was able to rebuild it using green stuff and a mold made from Instant Mold ( using the complete flier as a master. It worked so well I now can't pick the repaired craft after the paint has been applied.

To say these fliers were a nightmare to complete would be an understatement. I'm no stranger to the more colourful side of the English language for a variety of reasons but this lot required the kind of no-holds-barred doubled-barreled invective any salty old sailor would be proud to call his own.
Painting white pin stripe borders over black undercoat, across compound curves and at 1:1200 scale left me a gibbering wreck. Ten fecking hours of squinting, swearing and touching up later they look pretty good though and I'm happy to call them done. REALLY happy indeed. Never again.

By finishing these off I complete the entire force of approximately 1250 game points. From absolute last place to finishing well ahead of all the other lads in my gaming club in our fleet build efforts, all in under two weeks. Woot! Now it's back to the skellies once more.
Beautiful work Millsy. I love this colour scheme you came up with. I've been wavering whether to get one of those Eagle Class Rotors but your post has quickened my pulse a bit on the idea. Very nice.

This fine addition to Britannia's proud naval and air arm will give Millsy 78 points.

From BrendonW: 28mm Gladiators, Normans and Cowboys (72 points)

Brendon tells me that he has a relative visiting soon and so he decided to press on with getting multiple entries done before their arrival - so we have here a feast for the eyes!

From Brendon:
I really like the sculpting of some of these Gladiators more than others and the Thracian with the curved sword is one of those figures I rate highly. It's awesome and a pleasure to paint. Only 2 figures in this submission and both Foundry 28mm but unlike the previous ones I photographed I took these shots outside in the shade in the morning. It's a much better result. Providing it's not seasonal monsoonal rain here, I will try and use the same technique for my future submissions.

The feather topped Gladiator has the shield sculpted on which doesn't really help when you paint it but the Thracian comes with a separate shield. It seems a shame to cover his finely sculpted hand with a shield but such is the life of a Gladiator. 

I tried a new product (GW Blood) and while I am not usually a fan of the over use of blood on figures it adds a splash of violent colour to these slaves.

Next, 28mm Norman Knights from Conquest Games. 2 Plastics and 1 Metal figure. I really like this product. I like painting them and I like building them. I think the King type hero is brave indeed for maintaining his balance wearing all that Armour and getting his horse to rear back like that.

My Norman collection has grown since it was started for 'Saga' and I felt the need for another unit flag-waver and champion as well as a stand out Noble Lord or King. This expansion will see my collection travel beyond skirmishing in 'Saga' world to other Army-type games.  The 2 Shields with Ochre yellow on them are hand painted while the kingly fella has a paint enhanced decal from Battleflag. I used up all the Knight decals I got from them but have some Infantry ones still. 
The problem is though, the Infantry ones are a lot smaller so I had to expand the pattern with a bit of freehand work. This includes the discarded shield on the rear of the unit champions base. I also stuck a shield boss on that one.
I only have 1 more unpainted Plastic Knight left in my collection and he will be completed by the end of this Challenge. Yippee!

And to wrap up, 6 x 28mm Cowboys from Foundry. These are my first gunslingers for the Wild West. The entry fee figure will look like one of these dudes so these are good trial figures. 
I wanted a gang who mostly wear black. The Black Hat Gang perhaps. The choice was inspired by the cover photo on the 'Motorhead', 'Ace of Spades' album. 
Turned out this did not make it easy. I had to brighten the images a little.  I use German Panzer Gray for black and once a khaki dust dry brush went on it help to show the detail. I kept any other colour in the dull end of the spectrum. 
Painting the bases fairly bright helps contrast this dark drab look. I dabbed a bit of Khaki on the flock as well to help with the dusty look. I purchased these a while back when 'Dead Mans Hand' was first released. I am yet to play a game but soon I will have a gang to gun fight with. Yeeehaw! Git SOME! 
This was a great series of entries Brendon, thanks! While they are all excellent I find my favourites are those two gladiators. Hmm, perhaps a future Challenge theme here? Now, I wonder...

This fine selection of figures will give Brendon 72 points, with a little extra added for the Norman shields and pennant. Well done and enjoy your upcoming visit!

From KentG: 28mm WWI British Cavalry, Japanese Infantry & Napoleonic French Artillery (195 points)

From Kent:
I had to get up really early to paint this morning as my family are demanding a paint free day where they get me all to themselves, so sneaky me decided as long as they aren't awake I'm free to paint 3 hours - later I had to stop.
This time I have a bit of a mix there are 9 28mm Great War British Renegade miniatures, when I opened the box sadly one horse was completely snapped of and another wasn't in the best of shape so I drilled out the legs and pinned the horse to its base, so far so good.
Then I painted 9 WWII Japanese jungle fighters based for the Bolt Action ruleset. 

Last but not least there are two Perry stands 12 pdrs with 4 crew each, these were a replacement when they sent the wrong guns, so i thought about time I got them cleaned off the table.

Again, fabulous work Kent. I always have a soft spot for Great War and Napoleonic figures (and these are lovely) but those Japanese infantry are particularly fine.

This selection of miniatures will give Kent 195 points to add to his total, which makes him the first to break 1K mark in this Challenge. Bravo Kent!

From ClintB: 10mm Sudanese Arab Camel Riders (30 points)

From Clint:
Here are a few more 10mm Pendraken Arabs for the Sudan. Today 15 Camels with riders. All painted and based to match my Fuzzy Wuzzy's shown a couple of days ago. 
One round stand to act as a scout and 7 stands each of 2 figures to function as the first mounted component to the Mahdi's army. Base sizes are 20mm by 30mm  just in case you want to work out how big the figures are!

Great work Clint! These are great and your backdrop really places them in the right setting.

This 'troop' of camel riders will give Clint 30 points. Very nice.

From KevH: 15mm English Civil War Command Stands - Charles I (22 points)

KevH continues to crack on in pursuit of winning the 1000 point side-challenge between him and Andrew.

From Kev:
Next up are 2 15mm commands for my newly aquired ECW armies. The armies were based for DBR and have now been rebased for Pike & Shotte. I purchased some command from my local store (Emporium). 
This is the Royalist CinC (Charles I) and a cavalry commander. 15mm Essex miniatures. Hand painted royal standard, that was a bugger to paint.

Ooh! Lovely work Kev. That banner is lovely, marvellous stuff.

These two command stands will give Kev 22 points, with a few more added for the excellent hand-painted standard. There is still one more coming up Andrew... ;)

From FranL: 28mm Fantasy & 15mm Modern (213 points)

From Francis:
28mm Reaper Bones 2 Golem and a present from Anne O'Leary.
Another 28mm Golem I believe from the same pack and outfit also from Anne, quiet big figures!
Foundry Minotaur from when we were at Blog-Con, I've included another picture (top of post) of a 28mm Harpy from Foundry to show the size of the beastie!
5 28mm Harpies also from our time at Blog-Con, no idea why I got them but I remember a scene from the movie "Waiting" and the angry bush!

Next are some 15mm Modern Somali Pirates or African Irregulars from Khurasan Miniatures.....
15mm Modern Us Army Vehicles and armour (10), 3 M1A2 Abrams on the back row, 3 Bradleys in the middle, and 4 Humvees (1 destroyed), they are a mixture of Khurasan, Zvedza and Peter Pig.

15mm Modern US Army Infantry Platoon from Khurasan Miniatures, 37 figures but I believe there should be 38 but I think the fecker is hiding among the US Marines.........

Nearly finished a modern British infantry platoon and have started the bloody bloggers for charity figures plus some 15mm viral zombies.........

Wow, great work Fran! Those golems are very cool, especially the stone one. 

This wide assortment of miniatures will give Francis 213 points, just 13 points shy of his 600 point target and winning the 600 Point Duel. Now, will one of the others pip him at the finish line?

From DaveD: 28mm Wild West U.S. Cavalry - D Troop (55 points)

From Dave:
Another Old West related submission. This time we have the U.S. Cavalry - D Troop. These are a new range of 28mm Old West figures by Galloping Major in the UK. Initially just the dismounted contingent. 
Not super detailed sculpts  -  but I think they have a certain character to them - it also means they are quick to paint. I completed one of these before the challenge as a test piece so its 11 of them altogether.

Now I must start and get my revision books out for an exam later in January, and also sort out some non Old West entries for later in the month.

Wonderful stuff Dave. They look to be nice clean sculpts and their uniformity is almost shocking when set against the rest of this project. 

These 11 troopers will give Dave 55 points. Well done and good luck with your exams!

From PhilH: 28mm Colonial British Marines & Rocket Section (55 points)

From Phil:
For my next entry, a unit of the Royal Marine Light Infantry to join my British force in the Sudan. The RMLI were one of the first units to disembark at Suakin in 1885 following the Mahdist revolt, With a strength of 464 men and 14 officers, they fought at El Teb and Tamai. Their helmets, pouches and belts were lightened with white pipe-clay, which makes them quite distinctive. 
I thought I'd left the white cross-belts behind with Napoleonics, but it seems a glutton for punishment. These took an age to do, particularly on the kneeling figures. But I'm pleased with the final outcome.
I've included a couple of pics of them defending a zariba, joined by the bugler and sergeant that I finished an age ago. Seven minis were painted during the Challenge, all from the Perry range. 

They are joined by some more fire support: a British Hales rocket team. I haven't actually found reference to the British using rockets in Sudan, though I've seen a few references to Egyptian forces doing so. But I couldn't resist adding one to my force: I find the British perseverance with the rocket as a weapon of war quite charming and Hales rockets remained in service until well after the Mahdist revolt was brought to heel. 

This is a very fine Empress miniatures sculpt from their Anglo-Zulu war range. The rocket trough is quite delicate and I did accidentally crush it, to repair it I had to prop it up with a small rock!
Lovely work Phil. Those Marines look the treat especially in that shot of them amongst your new zariba scrub, and that rocket team seems ready to make a nuisance of themselves with their infernal contraption.

These British troops of the Sudan will give Phil 55 points. A nice points-add for your Victorian Duel as well, Phil and nary a gypsy in sight!  ;P

From AlanD: 28mm Wild West Townspeople (60 points)

From Alan:
Meet the latest 12 inhabitants of Hurricane, and the first figures for the New Year. These people are a cross section of frontier life. 
We have three pillars of the community, dressed to the nines and in search of profit, all from Wargames Foundry, then a couple of storekeepers (Foundry) with their boy (Great Escape), who fancies himself as a gunfighter, two Foundry shootists backed up by a figure from Great Escape packing a shotgun, and finally three lawmen from Foundry. 

I particularly like the deputy in his underwear, grabbing his gun and running out onto the street. At least he's taken the time to pin on his badge.

There must be a story here. Happy New Year everyone.

Great work Alan. Yep, the deputy in his one-piece is a winner for sure though I really like the lady in the floral dress as well. 

These Hurricanians will give Alan points. Well done!