Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Entry #17 to the AHPC - Clockwork Monkeys

With the end of the Challenge coming onto the horizon, I thought it best to get some of the half-painted figures on my desk completed and in the cabinet before the checkered flag is waved.  

For this entry I'm returning to the Pulp genre for a bit of steampunk whimsy.

Here is a trio of 28mm clockwork monkeys from Westfalia Miniatures. 

I did a bunch of these last year for the Lead Painters League and had this group as remnants of the set. Figures like these provide a perfect example of those things in the hobby that you KNOW you have no real use for, but you absolutely HAVE to have them because they capture your imagination, make you nostalgic, are stoopidly funny, etc.

Really not much to say here, just a lot of brass, bronze and steel, with a fez on top! The wind-up key in their backs makes me smile.

Next up: More steampunk silliness