Sunday, December 11, 2016

Italian Wars Pike and Shotte from the Cantons of Lucerne and Zug

Here are a set of pike and shotte for my Italian Wars collection. They are flagged and togged out in the blue-and-white of Lucerne and Zug.

I've been wanting to expand my collection, but being a fairly slow painter I took a page from Simon Miller's (aka BigRedBat) playbook and commissioned some unbased figures to be painted. These Perry plastics are from my friend ChrisH. 

The pike shaking out into battle formation.
Chris did a great job on these figures. They have a rough and ready attitude about them while still proudly wearing their cantons' colours.

The shotte softening up the enemy.
As I suspected, once I added a little highlighting and based them to match my other figures, they blended in marvelously. Ready to be hired by the highest bidder.

The two units being harangued by their leader.

Next up: Some light cavalry for the Italian Wars.