Monday, September 12, 2016

The Boys from Sanitation and Maintenance - Post-Apocaliptic Survivors and Terrain Inspired by 'Metro 2033'

Over the past few weeks I've been doing-up a smattering of figures and pairing them with (hopefully) relevant pieces of terrain. This has been a lot fun and I've managed to work through several lumps of resin which otherwise would have languished in The Lead Shed, unpainted and unloved.

Along these lines and to try to keep things fresh, I've decided to return to my post-apocalypse collection which is loosely based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's novel 'Metro 2033'.  

The premise of Metro 2033 is that a biological/nuclear war has ravaged the entire world, and that in Moscow, the only people to have escaped the horror unscathed, are those who were in the city metro when the warheads rained down. Twenty years later the Metro has evolved into a dystopian, poly-politic society where the survivors identify themselves with their home territory, their particular metro station, and it's homebrewed ethos (like the protagonist's VDNKh 'Exhibition' Station). Some stations are neo-Communist, some are neo-Fascist, others democratic, and so on.  In the Metro internecine warfare is commonplace and threading amongst all of this is the threat of being overrun by the 'Dark Ones' - creatures from the above-ground, who have become heavily mutated from the nuclear/biological Petri dish of the world's surface.

These figures are from Lead Adventure Miniatures.  For a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun I've painted them in the brightly coloured jumpsuits you often see sanitation and maintenance workers wear. I envision that the sanitation and maintenance people of the Moscow Metro would know all the secret in-and-outs of that labyrinthine system, and that since they repair and clean nasty things like the Metro's sewer system nothing, no matter how strange and horrifying, would make them blink an eyelash - Yup, they are rated as Level 10 in Badassery.

I've used my usual 'ash-debris and brick' motif for these guys. No grass, shrubs and flowers in the Metro I'm afraid.

The crushed subway car is produced by Ainsty Castings. I picked it up when we were at Partizan this spring as I thought would fit in well with the rest of the collection. 

I used a bit of texture gel and added some more bricks and debris so it better blends with the basework of my figures.  

I admit I went a little nuts with the MIG weathering powders to add rust, grime and dust to the subway car, but hey, I think it would have gotten pretty filthy after twenty years in the gloom.

Thanks for dropping by - I hope you all have a great week!

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