Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Post-Apocalyptic Tube Raiders inspired by Metro 2033

Wanting to switch gears for a bit I thought I'd add a few more models to my slowly growing collection of post-apocalyptic figures inspired by Glukhovsky's novel 'Metro 2033'

In his book, a bio-nuclear war occurs in 2013 which devastates most of the world. In Moscow, the only survivors are those who managed to make it into the Metro (notable for being one of the deepest in the world). 

Twenty years later the survivors have splintered into various conflicting socio-political factions (neo-soviets, neo-fascists, cannibals, etc.), each centered around a Moscow metro station. In addition to this ever-restless friction between rival factions is the fact that horrific mutants from the surface are trying to force their way into the metro. So basically, at its core, it's your typical Russian novel, y'know, all sunshine and lollipops.

These castings are from the Lead Adventure Miniatures' 'Zone Dogs' pack. I really like this whole range of figures as they are so varied and jam-packed full of characterful details. 

I especially like the figures which sport a mixture of civilian and military gear as it lets me play around with whacky colours and patterns that you'd never see in a purely military setting.

For the basework I followed pretty much in-step my other stuff and kept with an ash waste motif, with  a smattering of shattered bricks for colour, and a dash of rusted piping as a final flourish. I hear this is all the rage in 'Irradiated Homes and Gardens'.

I'm pleased with how the bright orange foam sleeping pad turned out on this fellow. The original colour was pretty darn bright but it toned down nicely with a bit of thinned ink.

For this chap I gave him a well-worn Russian NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) suit. I was really wanting to give him a lurid GAP branded satchel but I didn't know if Russia has a big-brand clothing store equivalent.

I have another package of these guys tucked away somewhere, but I'm thinking I need to build up a horde of some sort of atomic-mutant-type-thingys to act as counterpoint to these 'uncorrupted' survivors. I have a few ideas rattling around in my head, but more on that later.

Next Up: Hmm, I dunno. It will either be more WWII Canadians or perhaps Gladiators... Squirrel!!