Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spanish Civil War: Condor Legion Panzer I, Luftwaffe Aircrew & Pirates(!)

A couple new(ish) additions to the Spanish Civil War collection.

First is a Panzer I from the Condor Legion. You know, those guys that were not really from Germany, not really fighting for Franco and not really in Spain - yeah, those guys. This one's a little worse for wear, but still stoically clattering along.

This nice lump of metal is from Empress Miniatures. About seven or so parts to it - a great little kit. 

And two Luftwaffe aircrew who are desperately fighting their way out of a jam. 28mm figures from Wargames Foundry.

I particularly like the fellow who's yanked out an MG34 from his downed aircraft. He's definitely playing for keeps (probably a wise choice, especially if they were brought down anywhere near Guernica...).

This panzer and the two aircrew will feature in an upcoming SCW battle report so, if you're interested, stay tuned for that.

I also received in the mail a rather stout parcel from North Star Miniature Figures. Yes, it's the 'I Want It All' Pirate 'Nickstarter'. To be absolutely clear, I think pirates are cool n'all but I'm really no huge fan, but I do like Steve Saleh's sculpts and couldn't resist getting a whole schwack of his work (with free shipping to boot). Shiver me timbers, I have a lot of painting to do...