Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dystopian Wars - Confederate Fleet

In the Dystopian Wars 'universe' the American contingent is called the Federated States of America (FSA) but I thought that since we are dealing with alternate history it might be interesting to have a faction that was based around a sovereign Confederate nation, with the premise being that the Southern states had prevailed in 1863 and had won their independence. 
Three Perryville Class Frigates
So with this in mind I pondered on what are some quintessential 'Confederate' colours. Well, obviously grey would have to play an important part of the palette, but what else? When I was younger I did a lot of ACW re-enacting in the deep South (17th Mississippi) and really loved the uniforms of the Confederate officers, with their yellow facings and the gold braid ('chicken guts') against the grey wool. Finally, since the artillery arm often had red as their facing colour I thought that would be a good third accent for the turrets and gun positions.  So, here they are all in their 'Reb glory.

Sharpsburg Class Cruisers (with different generators in the central 'socket')
A Fredericksburg Class Battleship (with a rocket battery in the central socket)
2nd view of the Battleship with a Kinetic Drive installed.
A Chickamauga Class Aircraft Carrier.
2nd view of the Carrier with the fighters on deck.
A Gettysburg Class Dreadnought

A rather blury detail shot (sorry) of the Dreadnought.
Two Jim Beam Class Scout Airships

Two Mint Julip Class Heavy Bombers.
A squadron of White Lightning Fighters

Another pic of the Fleet.
This bunch was a lot of fun to paint up and, as you can probably tell, I had a good time dreaming up names for all the classes.  A few weeks ago I came up with a campaign game to involve the four fleets which we're playing now. Perhaps I'll put up a short post describing the campaign in a few days.