Sunday, November 27, 2016

Part III - Adeptus Mechanicus Project

Here are a few new additions to my Mechanicus force for Epic 30K. 

First up, a trio of Minotaur self propelled artillery pieces. We had a game using these models a few weeks ago and they did a great job in keeping the heads of the enemy infantry down.

I painted them in a ridiculous, over-the-top baroque paint scheme to match my other models in the force. Yes, the gold-plated cannons are perhaps a bit too much, but I think the Mechanicus Tech Priests would make every effort to elevate and please their Machine God by fully pimping-out their rides. Actually, I'm sure on this particular Forge World they've installed under-chasis lighting, race exhausts and bouncing suspension on pretty much anything that can move.

Also rolling out with this group is a detachment of Mechanicum Castellax Battle-Automata overseen by a trio of Tech Priests. In the 30K fluff, the Battle-Automata are not cyborgs, but rather robots that require the 'human' control of a Tech Priest (who, in turn, are about as human as heavily modded XBox). I've not had these fellas on the table yet so I'm curious to see how they do. Fun!

The force to-date.

Next up: A few Republican reinforcements for Madrid, 1936.