Monday, February 6, 2012

From GregB: 15mm WWII German Jagdpanther (10 points)

Greg submits one of the storied 'Big Cats' of WWII : the Jagdpanther.

As he received this as a gift from his brother I won't tease Greg for caving into to the 'Gee, its one of the largest freaking vehicles in the ETO - I must have a platoon of them' syndrome.

Greg has done beautiful work with the camouflage on this beast. 

This is a 15mm Battlefront model that comes with its own ruined house for cover. Y'know, I've always wondered if these panzer gits ever worried about parking in houses that had deep basements... 'Hans, what was that noise and why is the rangefinder focused on shelves of raspberry jam?'

This bad boy will add 10 points to Greg's tally.

From DallasE: 28mm WWII American Infantry in Winter Gear (185 points)

Dallas sends in this great platton of 37 US infantry in their winter greatcoats. 

These are 28mm Artizan Design castings that Dallas bought second-hand. Due to the quality of the metal and their overall detail he's is a little suspicious of their provenance. No matter, as Dallas says there his now and I think he's done a super job on them.

These lads will soon be going up against Waffen SS in the Ardennes using some of Dallas' new snow terrain.

These thirty-seven lads will give Dallas 185 points. Nice one! You're right neck-and-neck with Greg again...

From DaveD: 28mm 'The Perils of Pauline' Vignette (10 points)

Dave sends in this marvellously curious little scene which depicts a nefarious villain having just tied a fair damsel to a railway track - oooh, the cad! 

In my mind's eye I can hear the off-key piano playing madly  in the background, and if you blink really rapidly you get that silent film effect - no really!

If he was waiting on Canadian Via Rail they'd both die of old age before one showed up...
Apparently this was a give-away figure at a Partizan show a few years ago, sculpted in 28mm by Matt Bickley. Dave tells me that there was a hero figure included in the set so he's going to try to source that to finish the scene.

I love his crumpled top hat, her high heels and 'unmentionables'.
This pair (ahem) will give Dave 10 points. Thanks for this, Dave - well done!