Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From GregB: 28mm Colonial Gordon Highlanders (36 points)

Greg sends in a wonderful detachment of 28mm Gordon Highlanders to add to his Colonial collection.

From Greg:
This submission is six 28mm Highlanders from the Perry's Sudan collection.  These models are meant to represent the Gordon Highlanders.  Painting six Highlanders is just enough to make you insane, with the tartan, the sporran and the hose. 

I did my best to approximate the plaid on the kilt.  I do love that they are present in the Sudan campaigns, however, despite the frustrations in painting them.  The bonkers outfits are highly evocative of colonial battles to my mind, and they are a favourite to have on the table! 

You did a beautiful job on these Jocks, Greg. I agree, the kilt can be a real bear, but when they're done right they look superb, which your's certainly do. I'm going to give an extra point for each model due to the work put into those 'man skirts', so 36 points total.

From JamesB: 28mm French & Indian War Artillery, Mounted Scout and Canadian Militia (66 points)

James sends in a very nice selection of 28mm French & Indian Wars figures.

From James:
These figures are all to be used for the FIW.  The cannon crew I have done in non-specific uniform so we can use them for either side and also double up as Regt guns in the SYW. 
The Scout was great fun to paint and my first mounted offering (first of many). 
Last but not least I have a squad of Canadians. Curt seemed immune to my efforts for extra points last time, so I will not point out that these guys could be distant relatives :). 

The figures are Foundry and Perry's (but all Perry sculpts).
Beautiful work James - that gun and its crew are particularly fine. I don't think any of these could be related to me as I'm positive my ancestors were a bunch of shirkers. Nonetheless, I'll give an extra point for the fellow laying on his back, avoiding fire, playing possum as he looks to be a likely candidate for my bloodline. 66 Points!

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic French Cuirassiers (36 points)

Rust never sleeps, the submissions roll in and I happily post. Here we have another entry from Ian but this time its French Heavy Cavalry for his 6mm Napoleonic collection. 

From Ian:
These are Baccus 6mm French Cuirassiers, I bought them in one of their army packs about 15 months ago so they were overdue for painting. I purposely left these till the rest of the army pack was finished as I like to do the less prestigious units first. Given I really need these for Friday next week I thought I had best make these the next to be painted. I also wanted to show the more disciplined side to my painting as 6mm demands a better hand and as I have all the materials I need for basing I could do a better job on these fellows. 

We have 4 regiments of Frances finest, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Cuirassiers. Typical of Baccus we have some excellent sculps for detail. The usual negative is that they are riding ponies!! This is where Adler really outscore Baccus and hopefully before the end of the Challenge I will get more Adler to compare. Still they are fairly quick to paint up and arrive flash free.

Great work Ian! I'd be quite interested in seeing your rules for 6mm once they are ready for playtest.

These 36 cavalrymen will add a matching number of points to Ian's tally.