Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From JamesB: 28mm French & Indian War Artillery, Mounted Scout and Canadian Militia (66 points)

James sends in a very nice selection of 28mm French & Indian Wars figures.

From James:
These figures are all to be used for the FIW.  The cannon crew I have done in non-specific uniform so we can use them for either side and also double up as Regt guns in the SYW. 
The Scout was great fun to paint and my first mounted offering (first of many). 
Last but not least I have a squad of Canadians. Curt seemed immune to my efforts for extra points last time, so I will not point out that these guys could be distant relatives :). 

The figures are Foundry and Perry's (but all Perry sculpts).
Beautiful work James - that gun and its crew are particularly fine. I don't think any of these could be related to me as I'm positive my ancestors were a bunch of shirkers. Nonetheless, I'll give an extra point for the fellow laying on his back, avoiding fire, playing possum as he looks to be a likely candidate for my bloodline. 66 Points!


  1. Nice mix of figures and al done rather well. I think the scout is my favorite as well


  2. Excellent work James! Love the Scout!

  3. Looking good, I've got a few of these guns to paint myself

  4. Beautiful work James. All very fine figures, from a period thay is always nice to see. The gun crew is my favouite figure, I think. Well done.


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