Sunday, December 15, 2013

From IanW: A 'Fade' from Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' Series (5 points)

Ian submits our first fantasy entry with this poker faced fellow, a 'Fade' from the immensely popular 'Wheel of Time' series (that apparently could not be repressed even with the author's death).

From Ian:
Taking full advantage of allowing Fantasy to be included I have quickly painted up a figure for this weeks roleplaying session. Here Gentlemen, Ladies and Tamsin ;-) I give you a Fade from the Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time ' books. In fact the figure is Inquisitor Malvernis by Reaper from their Dark Heaven Legends. He wears some kind of mask but I filled in the whole face with white putty as Fades do not have eyes.
I only bought the figure last week as I have struggled to find a figure that suits the creature but was more than happy with this one, though originally was put off by the backpack. In the end it's almost perfect for the job.
It's the first time I have had so much black to do but using a base colour of Black Grey and only going lighter except a small amount of Indian Ink seems to have done the trick. 
Another first was the cold effect on the staff and it's come off better than I could have hoped so overall rather happy with the first submission. Now onto something with a few more figures.
Great stuff Ian, especially the work on his cloak and the ice effect on his staff. 

This Fade fellow will give Ian 5 points to add to his path to 1066. Chin up, Ian, only 1061 to go!

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Artillery (40 points)

Miles starts off from where he left off last year with an ACW entry featuring two pieces of artillery and some crew.

From Miles:
Here is my first entry in the Challenge - a 28mm Perry ACW artillery crew and 2 guns (a rifled cannon and a 12lb smoothbore). The gentlemen firing the cannon has a bit of a holiday theme what with his red coat and white beard. Could it be that Santa took sides in the War between the States?

Up next is another regiment of ACW soldiers in the background.

I'm sure Santa was a rebel at heart so the theme fits. ;) These fine two guns with their four crewmen will give Miles 40 points. 

From KentG - 15mm WWII German Halftracks (64 points)

Kent kicks off his bid for glory with these German Sd.Kfz. 251 halftracks.

From Kent:
These seven 15mm Battlefront half tracks are the last of a batch that I decided to repaint. I need them for a comp early next year.

Great work Kent! These seven halftracks with their crew and passengers will give him 64 points.

...Ah, and my fleeting 28 point lead evaporates along with my dreams of grandeur. ;)

The Last Walk of the Wild Bunch - The 4th Annual Painting Challenge Begins

I thought I'd keep with tradition and open this year's Painting Challenge with its first submission. (And yes, they are already stacking-up behind me.) For our first entry we have The Wild Bunch, arrayed for their final walk out to meet their fate.

Pike Bishop
I've always been a great admirer of Peckinpah's films and when I saw this range of 40mm figures from Oniria Miniatures I knew I had both the opening and closing entries for the 4th Challenge.
Tector Gorch
The sculpts of these figures are superb. The models are incredibly lifelike and slavishly accurate when referenced to the stills from the film. 

All this being said they are quite delicate and finely cast, requiring a bit of patience and care with their assembly and painting.

Lyle Gorch
I was hoping to have them all based together but strangely they all came with 'slotta' style basing tabs (which I really don't like) so I had to go with individual bases. I think later I'll contact the fine folks at Warbases to see if they can make me a nice sabot-style tray to fit them into.
Dutch Engstrom
So with this entry I formally open the 4th Painting Challenge. To both participants and visitors I hope you'll delight in the wonderful spectrum of figures and models shown here over the next few months - welcome and enjoy!

...Oh, yes, and that's 28 points for me. :)