Sunday, December 15, 2013

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Artillery (40 points)

Miles starts off from where he left off last year with an ACW entry featuring two pieces of artillery and some crew.

From Miles:
Here is my first entry in the Challenge - a 28mm Perry ACW artillery crew and 2 guns (a rifled cannon and a 12lb smoothbore). The gentlemen firing the cannon has a bit of a holiday theme what with his red coat and white beard. Could it be that Santa took sides in the War between the States?

Up next is another regiment of ACW soldiers in the background.

I'm sure Santa was a rebel at heart so the theme fits. ;) These fine two guns with their four crewmen will give Miles 40 points. 


  1. These look nice and we can expect more ACW I can see


  2. Well done and you can't go wrong with Perry figures.

  3. Excellent artillery Miles, great start!

  4. Very nice start! The green carriage of the gun looks amazing.

  5. So Santa is taking care of the firework himself! He's a good man! :-D
    Lovely painted artillery!


  6. Thanks for the comments - I really enjoy the painting challenge!


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